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Deeann Donovan: Meet Your New Mommy


I generally despise reality TV, but last night I couldn't help but take the bait after seeing the commercial for this one. One of the mothers featured was fitness model Deeann Donovan. It was...interesting, to say the least. I also really don't like to be the guy who says anything about how another family raises their children, but...I was just flabbergasted by her kids, namely her daughter. Anyone else catch it?


i saw that, alittle surprised how all the kids acted. If i would have spoken like that to my mom my dad would have smacked me upside the head. Still not as interesting as the week before with the crazy mom, but a few parts of the show were enjoyable. :slightly_smiling:


Holy shit, shes hot.


What channel was this on? Were her kids bad or something?


"Fantastic" LOL.

I saw it. What they seem to do, is to pick the two most mismatched families possible, for maximum friction.

I still prefer 'Breaking Bonaduce' for the stupidity factor.


Her daughter is on the Stripper career path already.


Interestingly enough, I met her while they were filming.

I graduated high school with the two brothers, Tristan and Evan, and know their family farily well.

I came to work one day (I work at a health club in ski-resort town Whitefish, Montana)and noticed a HYUGE camera crew. I was actually on film for a few seconds, when I was talking to her, but I don't think it aired.

I was even wearing a T-Nation shirt.

Oh yeah...

Her chest is freakin' enormous.

Probably better I didn't get on tape. I was just staring at the twins the entire time...



I'd hit that like a caveman.


I saw part of the show and she looked so hot that I had to look her up online. She has some great photo's on her web site. I just googled her and the site was right there. The twins are amazing! She kept her long hair over them some of the time. I was like, oh come on! You have them and wear very revealing stuff, don't act like you don't want to show them off. I was suprised that her husband did not look like he was into fitness that much.

P.S.- RIP Eddie!


I assume you're talking about the Montana kids (then again, the girl was a brat too). Those two boys from Montana were some of the most disrespectful kids to their mother I've ever seen. I don't see how in the world you can treat your parents that way, especially after the way that mom slaves herself for that family while they dick around, sleep all day, and do absolutely nothing with their lives.

Those were mine and my girlfriend's thoughts exactly. In the most non-disgusting way I can possibly say this, did you see some of the shit she was wearing? And she's what like 15, if that? I couldn't believe her parents were letting her dress like that...I actually did see a few nudes of the mom when I looked her up this morning.

To whoever asked, it was last night on FOX at 9 pm.

Here's some pics from her official site:


Did you catch her career as a "Life Coach"? Maybe that is a real thing, but to me it sounds like somebody wants to be a therapist and is to dizzy to go to school. Her adopted for the show daughter starts opening up, and all that the life coach can do is advise her to workout, only an hour and fifteen minutes a day. (Does the average 15 year old have that focus?)
The two older boys were 18 and 20. The 20 year old was quoted as saying "I am 20 years old, I don't see why I need to do chores"
As far as the Donovan family, the little girl (age 12) was wearing skimpy shorts and aspired to be just like her mom (I wonder if that means implants and all?). Deeann's world seemed 90% about how she looks. The father seemed pretty distanced from his children, but why should he care, he has a nice house and hot wife.
BTW, as much as I hate ereality TV, this is one show I watch. I don't know if it is a trainwreck, or a good show.


We also laughed when she called herself a Life Coach, then proceeded to completely ignore the daughter when she said something along the lines of "there's a communication problem in my family" and instead advised her to get into a "routine".