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Dedicated to Change, Need Help


So im no beginner when it comes to working out but im no pro.
i am 5'9 204 pounds an 18..I have to much fat an i want to lose
inches fast as possible. so what do you all suggest? what cardio, weights, diet etc etc
I was thinkin about doin Tabata 3-4 times a week but i just want a nice body.
HELP lol


eat small meals 5 or 6 times a day with a protein source in each. high fiber foods will be good for you because they will make you feel full whilst not providing a lot of calories.

weights 3 times a week MWF, full body workout, high rep ranges (12-15)

cardio 3 times a week in the morning right after breakfast TTS

fat gone.


weren't you on a bulk, and skinny to begin with? have you ever truly dieted down? not sure why you're giving advice here.

OP - what is your current diet like?


well im thinking about cutting down what im eating tell me what you think about this

M1- glass of milk, 2 hard boild eggs, and a fruit

M2-canned peaches.


m4-scrambled eggs

M5-ham sandwich/PBJ sandwich

(this is based off of what i have at the moment, i could use some advice in this area, again i am goin to be doing tabata workouts)


Your diet sucks. It's not quantity you need to cut, it's carbs.
Do a search, there's about a million posts about diet.


For a start, you're not gonna get more from here than what you would from general reading. You need to educate yourself a little first (e.g. read stickies, good threads etc). Read a lot (basics though, not over-hyped rubbish trying to sell you something)...

Your diet is crap, no basic meat meals. Peaches for a meal? You need to get in complete protein sources, good ones not crappy ham. Hit your protein needs (a little at each meal), and fill the rest with some fat, and minimal carbohydrates (carbs ideally should come after workouts, or really active times and not many at all late at night).

Full body routines (3x/week) are good if you just want to gain some muscle as a newbie and prioritise fat loss (more muscle worked in a session = more fat loss/'afterburn' afterwards).

Tabata workouts are a form of interval training/complexes (cardio) and will help you lose fat, but don't neglect your muscle mass (you'll look 10x better with more muscle at a leaner weight than not...besides that, filling out more can make you look better even with minimal fat loss).

A good start would be proper weight lifting/strength training 3x/week, and tabata 2x/week.

If you're not sure about the tabata, just do high intensity interval training 2x/week instead. When fat loss stalls, you can increase the frequency until doing it up to 4x/week. Always start at the lowest end first (infrequent and brief) and add more ONLY if needed. The diet should take care of most of it, the exercise will do the rest.


I know it sucks haha thats why i am needing help, i got my training an workout down tho.
could someone give me a example of what my diet should look like for a day?


Example, 4-5 meals/day;

Breakfast - Omelette
Lunch - Chicken/cheese salad
Dinner - Beef or fish dish with vegetables

Snack - protein shake + nuts (to be taken between meals...usually whenever there's an inconvenient time to eat a proper meal)

Post workout (skip on non lifting days) - protein shake + with 2 pieces of fruit (e.g. bananas)

Aim for around 400cals per meal, and 25g+ of protein per meal




You're welcome


cutting out the crap carbs (juices with HFCS, soda, sports drinks outside the periworkout window, etc) counts for a lot, as does timing carb intake periworkout as a priority for your carb intake.

OP, how much juice/soda/crap are you drinking?


If weight lose and inches is your main goal I would start here:

Once you have lost some weight and achieved a better level of fitness from the V-Diet come back here and get on a good strength program. Also, use the 4 weeks + 2 transition weeks of the diet to read about nutrition and working out.

Think of the V-diet as a kick start to your health.


Excellent and easy advice, can be stuck to for cutting down or bulking by just adjusting cals per meal, its nearly exactly what I do.

Good luck with the fat trim mate.


While I agree that the V-diet can be a great way to loose weight and teach good dietary habits, I find it unlikely that he can afford it, seeing as he is 18 and all.

its_just_me's suggestion seems pretty spot on.