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Dedicated Abs Day


What do you guys think about doing a dedicated abs day?

I really hate doing abs first off all, and always rush and do a few sets after each workout a couple of times a week.

But what do you think about having a dedicated day for abs once a week. I'm talking 4 or 5 exercises for 12-15 sets total, and maybe some cardio.

Let me know.


I think it's a waste.


do you mean 12-15 sets?


Fixed, sorry.


read CT's recent article on staggering abs in between sets.


Yeah CT's thoughts on doing some ab work during a normal routine was a good read.
I've never done specific ab work for any length of time but since I'm currently relegated to cardio work due to various injuries, I'm doing abs after the cardio.

Boring a hell though.


As long as you're not taking away from any of your larger bodypart days, I don't see any problem with a dedicated abs day, it's what I do.

I can't stand trying to 'fit in' abs during an intense workout, so I just save them for the weekend. Unless you're training in the gym 7 days a week, which not many people are, abs are easy enough to train at home on one of your 'off' days. It's not as if they take long to train.


Dedicated ab days are optimal, the concept of 'Staggered Ab Training' is a remedial solution really. It's also a good idea to do at least one circuit everyday in order to progress the muscular endurance of your abs (sit ups, leg raises, knee raises, v sit ups, ab wheel, etc).


Depends on your goals and what other exercises you're doing. I think a whole day is a bit much for most people. The most I'd ever want to see in one routine is one abdominal, one oblique, and one torsion exercise. (for example crunches, side bends, and twists) and honestly even that's probably overkill.

I usually add one of those exercises to my routine, and rotate every few months or so. Your midsection should be getting hit pretty hard from doing compound freeweight exercises. At little extra isolation work isn't bad, but no reason to get all crazy about it. This advice may not apply if you're training for a sport.


i dont see anything wrong with 1 day to abs especially if youve hit all the other muscles in the previous week. the only thing you have to keep in mind is you already hate doing ab workouts so much that you just rush through them at the end, so are you honestly willing to commit to an entire session of the workouts you hate the most?

the staggered ab training really is a great method, especially for people who hate doing abs in the first place. personally, i do 1 ab workout per session and just rotate between v-situps, barbell rollouts, serratus crunches, and weighted crunches


Abs day sounds like you're solely into beach muscle. Abs day, pec day and arms day?

Why not a "core day"?
Front squats or zerchers, suitcase deads, clean& press unilaterally, Uneven Barbell Side Bend or Saxon Side Band. Add a twisting movement and some crunching to make you happy and you're ready to go.


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