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decreased sex drive

I am 35 years old and starting to notice that my sex drive has been decreasing. Nothing major but I can’t go all night like I used to could. Any suggestions for other-the-counter supplements that might be helpful? I know there is a lot of crap out there that doesn’t work so just trying to figure out what really does the job.

Try supplements that would increses your test. level such as biotest Tribex-500 w/ vitex or “M” there really great products and are probally just what your looking for. Also if you want biotests androsol, m-10, etc. work great. But if you want to stay on it for a long time I suggest the T-500 and Vitex supplements. Hope this helps!

Tribulus, Horny Goat Weed, ZMA, 4AD.

Thanks for the information. I called a health store that I shop at and they carry Tribex-500 so I am going to stop by there on the way home and pick up a bottle. I forgot about it but a buddy of mine tried Tribex a few months ago and he also told me it jacked up his sex drive pretty good. He’s my age so it sounds like a good deal. Thanks

Are you taking melatonine?