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Decreased Performance

Ok, this past week about 5 days ago I was benching and did 10x105 10x115 followed by 7x125. I just got home from the gym today and I could only do 10x105 10x115 and could only do 4x125. So basically, I went down 3 reps…plus the fact that I’m taking creatine. What can be going wrong thats resulting in my decrease in strength? I eat plenty of food…4-5 meals per day with around 1g for every pound of weight. Up until now I’ve constantly went up reps, now I dropped 3. I’m confused, please help.

been gettin enough sleep lately?

I don’t know if I can answer your question directly, but I have a suggestion or comment for you…

You should try to mix up your weights and your rep patterns. If you train every workout using the same weights, your body is getting used to only using a certain amount of weight. I bet you will see more progress if you alternate between heavy, light(er) and medium weights, with low, high and medium reps. The point being that when you do your heavy workout, try to add a small amount of weight each session. Then when you do your light and medium workouts, those weights will seem lighter in comparison. The heavy workout sort of sets the stage for good sessions with your light and medium workouts. I am really simplifying things, but consider not doing the same exact workout from week to week.

As far as why you might not get the reps you did in a previous session, maybe you slept too little (or too much) maybe you are tired from your daily activities, or your diet was off, or you weren’t as psyched up. It could be any of these or other reasons, or a combination of things.

I go to sleep 10-10:30 and get up at 7 for school so…9 hours of sleep a night.

What’s the right amount of sleep i should get ? Right now I’m getting about 9 hours of sleep a night but feel tired during the day, I almost think that I sleep too much …maybe 7-8 hours would be more ideal?

Nine hours is fine.

Sometimes if I sleep for like 12 hours, I can feel sluggish that day.

How many calories are you eating? Are you getting any good fats in (olive, flax, or fish oils)? What does your program look like?

Answer these questions, please:

  1. How many work sets do you average per upper body workout?

  2. What are your auxillary exercises? (In fact, why don’t you just give us your entire routine.)

  3. Are you taking a postworkout drink?

  4. How long has it been since you changed your program? (or, in other words, how long have you been doing this one?)

You could have had a bad day. Wee all have them, you wont be able to set PB’s at every session. Maybe it could be time for a break? When was the last time you had a week off?
Take a look at your log book and check out your result over the last 8 weeks. if strength has been going up each session maybe you have just hit a short term plateau. keep us upto date on your next workout and see what happens.

I do 3-4 sets for chest/tris 4-5 sets for shoulder/back/bis and 3/4 sets for hams/quads/calves. Its possible it was just an off day.

TO ppellica:

Are you performing all of these exercises on the same day? If so, how many days are you performing this?

I’m asking this because your poundages seem low and I’m assuming you are real young or are a newbie. If so, you must have your diet in order to make gains. I think everyone here on this forum tried to stress how important diet is?

haha…these are all different days… one day dedicated to chest tris one to legs and one to shoulder/back/bis …and my diet is in order. i have a feeling it was just an off day.


They could be in Kilogram? i hope…