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Decrease Rest Breaks or Increase Reps?

KK, so last weak i did a sort of EDT workout for my “heavy” deadlifts. My max is around 335+, and i did 15 sets of 1 with 305 in 15:00. My goals are increased muscle, decreased fat, and increased strength, but im not on my normal strength gain phase.

Im debating whether I should do more reps, or keep the reps the same, and decrease the time limit.

Previous workout:

305 15x1 in 15:00

Option A:

305 20x1 in 15:00

Option B:

305 15x1 in 12:00 or less

I think both options are viable, but am leaning toward option B, because I like keeping the volume low. Im only training lower body twice a week currently, with one heavy day, and one moderate day.

What do you guys think?

Do both.

i think its time to add weight and keep the time the same

but of the two available options i pick A

Option A.

Doing option A pretty much forces you to complete option B, so I’d say A

Ya, i just realized the density is actually greater in option A.

But if i were to go with option B, I would try to progress down to being able to do 15 reps, in about 5 minutes or less.

But at the moment, i think a volume of 20-25 will be fine, since im only pulling twice per week.

Thanks for the advice guys.