Deconstruction for Reconstruction

BBB Day 1- Big beyond belief. Cause I’m anything but.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into - I feared the high rep work and multiple sets, but not enough.

Rack Deadlifts - 150x13 130x15 130x12 Thought maybe 20 kg was too much of a decrease, but at that 2nd set my lack of high-rep work except for squats was showing.

DB Benchpess 30x15 28x8 -Yep, go down here to 26 next time 24x14

Db Curls 12x15 10x15 8x15

Standing Calf Raises 40x15 35x15 30x13

Did some extreme stretching at the end, I know this program doesn’t call for it but what the hell.

Took 47 mins.

BBB Day 2-

This program sucks! I hate Cephalic_Carnage for talking me into doing it, but there’s just something persuasive about 300 pounds of pizza-munching German.


42x15 50x13 My starting-set next time 45x9

Dead Skulls 27x15 24x15 20x15

Squat 92x15 82x13 72x13 Took it easy since my left knee was hurting a bit today. Energy was also low from an 1.5 hour bikeride, 1 hour of squash and 30 minutes of swimming at work.

Wojo Back Extensions bwx15,15,15 Not sure how I’ll load these, maybe a short barbell next time.

Ab Wheel rollouts 13,10,9

Dreading tomorrow. I guess I have nop choice but to eat, grow and progress or die

[quote]Amonero wrote:
Energy was also low from an 1.5 hour bikeride, 1 hour of squash and 30 minutes of swimming at work.

Sounds like you have an awesome job.


[quote]donpalmero wrote:
Amonero wrote:
Energy was also low from an 1.5 hour bikeride, 1 hour of squash and 30 minutes of swimming at work.

Sounds like you have an awesome job.


Sometimes it is :smiley: The first day of this program was actually done at work when I went training with a client. I work with at-risk youth I guess you could say, so some days are great fun and others more challenging.

Been walking around all day in nice, hot summer weather…30* celcius, real degrees!
Got a damn rash between my legs since they’re rubbing together when I walk :stuck_out_tongue:

Incline Bench 72x12,10,8 Weight was a bit too light, so I’ll up it next time and do the first heavy, then drop the others as recommended.

Rack Chins 9, 7 6 Too low reps I know, but hope I’ll fix that.

Incline Db Curls 10x10 8x10 6x12 Goddamn wimpy weights, but shit these burn!

Now for the comedy part of the show:
I work out at home, with no access to calf training equipment.
Here’s what I did today:
20 reps of seated calf raises with my 120 pound girlfriend sitting on my knees
12 reps of seated calf raises with my 120 pound girlfriend sitting on a 4’ plang on my knees
12 reps on each foot with my 120 pound girlfriend sitting on one knee, on a plank
and 12 reps on each foot of one-legged donkey calf raises.

40 minutes.

So. Yeah. A bit more focused next time :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, weighed 91.5 kgs this morning and actually looked slim…A few kgs of food later and I’m sitting at 96 now.

Scott Db raises: 10x12 8x12,12

Dips bw+10x12,10, bwx12 Been a long time since I’ve done these, kinda miss them. Worked out at work today, thinking of joining a gym…Certainly makes exercise selection easier, and there were some big guys there…Imagine doing bench dips with 100kg of plates on your lap for 10+ reps…sheesh.

Lunges from Block 40x10,10 35x12

Leg Curl 45x12,12,12

Crunches 8x12,12,12

BBB day 5

T-bar rows . 70x10 75x10 80x8 Felt my back way more than before, think I actually got a pump!

Incline Db Press 32x10 34x10, 8

DC Calf raises 40x10

barbell Curls 32,5x9 30x6 25x8

BBB Day 6
Been dreading this…

OHP 56x8 52x10,7

CGBP 92x8 85x10 80x8 Tucked, playing around with arching. Done decline exclusively before, felt flat more in my shoulders, and, I’ve never gotten this doping incline, a bit of popping and cracking in the shoulders. Might switch back to decline here.

Front Squat
Bumped the weight to 105 kg (previously 102x8), did one half-ass, back-rounding rep, and went down to 102.

Got 102x5 92x6 72x8
Man did I feel weak…

Lying leg Curls
First time doing this so felt my way around.

Ab rollouts 8,8

Oh, and diet today, which is basically the same everyday with few exceptions:

50 g casein/whey, 10 g cream,10 g olive oil, 10g flax seeds
8 eggs,20 g olive oil,20g cream fish oil
3 chicken thighs and drumsticks/600 g fish and 30-80 g olive oil, 10-20 g butter, fish oil , onions, broccoli
50 g casein/whey, 10 g cream,10 g olive oil, cinnamon, creatine
50 g casein/whey, 10 g cream,10 g olive oil cinnamon, creatine
8 eggs,broccoli/tomato

When you say “diet” please tell me your not actually “dieting” lol

This is not the program to be dieting, it will eat you alive on Week 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Well,diet is a word that just stuck with me - I’m not dieting, maybe just call it Food :stuck_out_tongue: Keeping protein at 350+ grams a day and calories at 4000+. Hopefully it’ll be enough, cause I’m full half the time.


Ramp 1, Week 2, Day 1

Rack Dead
152x15 (2kg 3 rep pr)
132x15 ( 2kg 2 rep pr) felt my lower back pump and cramp here at the end, so
120x5 didn’t go too well…lower back fell out completely
110x12 at the last rep, going for the 13th, I felt a kind of crackling sensation in my lower back - no pain, but I completely lost my strentgh and called it a day for the deads

Db Bench
32x15 (2kg pr)
27.5x13 (5rep pr)
20x15 Got a wicked forearm pump here…wtf?!

Db Curls

Donkey Calf Raise
70x 20,15,15,20

1 hour total, including warmups.

152kg Rack Deadlift NICE JOB !

By end of this program will be 400kg’s EAASSSYyyyy :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep going the best week is yet to come :smiley:

[quote]SmallToBig wrote:
152kg Rack Deadlift NICE JOB !

By end of this program will be 400kg’s EAASSSYyyyy :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep going the best week is yet to come :D[/quote]

Yeah, 1 kg a week an I’m there in just 4 years…AWESOME :smiley:

Ramp 1, Week 2, Day 2

Had the graveyard shift today, so was in a coma half the day. Been force-feeding myself protein shakes and eggs, and drank 1 litre of green tea before the workout. Went surprisingly well though, considering the lack of sleep and lower back work from yesterday.


Dead Skulls

Squat - Thought this was ging to hell, adn started with mis-loading the bar by 10 kgs.

Again, lower back was pumped after these but five minutes and the ab rollouts and it’s good.

Ab rollouts

50 min

Ramp 1, Week 2, Day 3

Incline bench

Rack Chins

incline Db Curls

Standing One-Legged Calf Raise

Ramp 1, Week 2, Day 4
I look forward to the workouts and the volume now -if only because I run to the nearest mirror after I’m done :smiley:

Db laterals


Wojo back Extensions
7.5x6 (+7bw)
5x6 (+7bw?


Ramp 1, Week 2, Day 5

T-bar rows
had some problems with the set-up at home, so weights got a little random:


Inc Db press

DC Donkey Calf Raises

BB Curl

Cephalic_Carnage recommended I post a video of my curl form since the numbers suck. here goes:

…or not. Here goes again:

Hm, a 24 hour delay on that first video. Oh well.

Ramp 1, Week 2, Day 6

60x9 All time PR.Thought of SmallToBig while doing this one :stuck_out_tongue:

Decline ← a must after shoulder work, I’ve found ,CGBP

switch to suicide grip

Saw a guy doin 210kg, suicide grip, no gear last time I went to the gym…I was just waiting for him to decapitate himself but he got it easilly, turned out he was a national champion in Athletic Fitness, but since he didn’t compete anymore after a change in the rulings he was just ‘having fun’ in his own words. I look forward to the day when fun is doing 210kg with a suicide grip.

Front Squat
Disappointed at last time’s performance,I was determined to set a pr here. During the first week of Big Beyond Belief i did 3 sets for hams and 3 for quads, which fried my legs.


Much harder to keep the bar in place with pumped shoulders, triceps and chest!Had a weird craclking sound in my left arm, all the way from my wrist to the shoulder, no pain but at the last reps of the set a sort of numbness with some sharp cracking. I do the front squats with straps, btw.

Ab rollouts x10

Think I’ll stick to one set for abs from now on, as per Vince Gironda and Hosses recommendation.