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Decline to Flat Bench Conversion?

Hi all,

Was curious as to if anyone had an equation or something to convert what you do on a decline to flat? I.E. 225x 24 on decline would be what on a flat?


Decline is cheating.

Mark It Zero!


Square root of decline to the power of incline cubed, multiply by dumbbell bench divided by close grip.

The answer is 3

bench weight Ă— (1 + cos(angle of the bench))

Only works to a 15 degree bench, then you need a slightly different formula.

cos(0) =1, so you’re saying that your flat bench weight should be 2x your flat bench weight? :rofl:

No using the incline formula for a flat bench is like dividing by zero. The universe ends.

No, it just means you’re formula is wrong lol. You’re formula is saying that if you can bench 300 lb flat you can bench 595 lb on a 10 deg decline.

What you’re looking for is decline weight = bench weight / cos(decline angle). This breaks down because it blows up to infinity as you get steeper and steeper, so it’s probably only accurate up to 30ish deg decline.

The equation wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, I know.