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Decline Pushups on Non-Chest Days?


For a couple of months, up until about 3 weeks ago, everyday I would try to get in about 100 decline pushups (feet on my bed, hands on the floor) in as few sets as possible, usually 2 or 3 all to failure. I would do this every day except the day after chest day during the week. I stopped doing it 3 weeks ago, and I feel like I've stagnated somewhat on my chest, but I'm assuming it's for some other reason. Do you think doing 100 or so decline pushups 6 days a week really adds anything to a routine??


why do you think there's some "other reason", or what is it?

I can see why 600 less pushups could lead to less chest development. Do I think you need to go back to doing that - definitely not if your goal is hypertrophy. I really think adding a few sets of intense incline bench press etc., could substitute for the missing hypertrophy.

However, if your goal is endurance or just general fitness, then that's another story. 600 pushups a week will build a good amount endurance in your upper body muscles and there's NO way few sets of extra bench will help you keep that. Your extra recovery will be a positive thing (600 pushups less = better recovery) but you'll lose the endurance part.

So it's up to you depending on your goals.
btw, have you seen any strength decreases so far? or do you just feel like you're stagnating?


Remember that those pushups are like INCLINE bench


My goal is really overall hypertrophy. I do try to work in some endurance work though on occasion. What I'm noticing is that I'm not progressing as much as far as adding weight on flat benching week to week goes, and the weight I'm pushing at the same weight gets harder, especially at the ends of the sets. I haven't really lost many reps, but my weights are staying the same, and it gets harder to complete the sets. My incline pressing has actually suffered loss though, I guess that makes sense. I also have noticed I don't recover quite as quickly now without the pushups. About 3 weeks ago I also upped my caloric intake by about 900 calories and increased protein intake by about 40-50%.

This week I started taking creatine & fish oil as well. I'll see if that, along with adding the pushups back in makes any difference.

edit: Also here's my most recent 3 sessions on chest/tri/shoulder day

BB Flat: 230*2,1 rest paused, 215*5 200*5
BB Incline: 175*3 155*7
DB Flat Squeezed: 60*8 65*7 70*5
Cable Benching: 45*7 40*6 30*15
Iso-ballistic pushups: 4, 3
Ballistic Bench Press: 55*10 95*7 75*9
Rack Lockouts: 225*7 245*4 255*3
Anconeus Sidekicks: 15*15 25*15 20*15

BB Flat: 230*2,1(rest/paused rep) 215*3 200*4 185*5 175*9
DB Inc: 65*9 70*6 60*8
DB Dec: 70*10 80*7 85*5
Cable Flyes: 40*8 30*11
Iso Ballistic Pushups: 6, 4
Rack Lockouts: 245*6 260*4 240*6
Elbows Out Extensions: 30*11 40*8 35*10
Seated BB Mils: 80*10 90*7
Lateral Raises: 15*10 20*5

BB Flat: 230*2/1 rest-pause 200*4/1 185:5x5
DB Flat: 70*8 75*7 80*5 60*12
BB Incline: 135*9 135*9
Ballistic BP: 65*10 75*10 85*8
Rack Lockouts: 245*8 275*2 255*6
Elbows Out Extensions (inclined): 40*11 45*8 40*12
Dips: 25*6 BW*9
DB Militaries, seated: 40*9
DB Lateral Raises: 15*13


I work the chest twice week with a lot less exercises and sets so I wouldn't want to give you any wrong advice. But, sets being harder to complete sounds like it might be related to loss of endurance/strength. Still, I would introduce the pushups back slowly, maybe two days a week. You might find that you don't need to do them 6x a week to make similar gains.
Good luck with the progress, keep us updated.