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Decline Press


Hey Folks...

OK, it's just about time to change my "lifting routine". I usually change it up every 6-8 weeks, but I'm thinking about incorporating some decline barbell presses for my chest days. I've done this exercise before, but didn't really get anything from it. Is it something worth doing in a regular basis or just something to throw in here and there?

What has anyone else found when using a decline press?




LJ4174, a possible change of routines is suggested by CW: ABBH, ABBH2, QD, Singles. CW suggests a majority of flat bench barbell & dbs. Only in ABBH2 the barbell decline. Personally I don't feel very comfortable with the decline. During ABBH2 I performed the decline (after the flat db press) only when I found a spotter. I felt a good pump for my pecs.
Personally I found CW's programs effective for chest and overall body development.


The decline bench provided that you are using a regular grip is predominantly a tricep exercise. Remember that the chest for the most part adducts the arms, which is why to build a big chest most people need to incorporate a flye movement.

luca- the reason you are probably uncomfortable with the movement is because you may not be keeping your elbows in and/or bringing the bar to touch below your sternum.

Good Luck.

RIT Jared


P.S. I think it is definitely a very beneficial exercise to be incorporated regularly.


The big Benefit of the Decline press is nice added stretch. It is a good exercise to use to mix things up for a good 3 - 6 week period. I am doing Westside training at the moment utilize them during this period as a dynamic effort movemnt. It can't hurt to throw your flat bench away for 3-4 week and do them as a change up.