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Decline Press for Repetition Effort


Hello guys

Next tuesday I'm doing repetition effort for bench press. Last friday I went for a 3rm close grip bench press and next friday I'm going to do a 1rm. I thought of doing decline close grip bench press for repetition effort because I can go heavier there for reps. The decline position might also be good cause it sort of mimics the arch one can use on flat bench press.
But my question is: will the carry-over be there or should I use another exercise for better result?


The decline press has done ZERO for my bench over the years and several of my buddies. The incline however will help you out as well as overhead presses.
Unless you have an arch like this dude, and actually touch the highest part of that arch

the decline won't really help you in my opinion.


Hmmm... I actually decline less than my flat bench.


Thanks. That's a sick arch! I wish I could get that high in an arch, think it would add pounds on my bench instantly. Is there also a video of how he gets in that position?

I think I'll go for another exercise then: flat/incline dumbbell presses with palms facing eachother for the following routine: 3 sets all out, 5 minutes rest in between, add up reps and try to beat it next time.


That guy prolly has a cartilage spine! lol IDK I'm no where that flexible. I can arch over a 6" pvc pipe tho..


That really can't/shouldn't even be considered a bench anymore. I'm probably not as strong as some of the other posters here [ all time best bench of 315x2 @ about 190lbs] but I've never liked the decline. It's never done anything for me and feels awkward while doing. It's pretty worthless in my opinion.


For myself and about 99% of the lifters I've ever talked to, decline benches don't seem to have any real carryover to the flat BP. I've had much better luck with inclines and overhead work increasing my flat BP.


Funny. Decline helped get my bench up because Incline hurt my shoulder. While I agree there is not direct carryover, being able to handle a large amount of weight helps you mentally, and anything that makes you stronger is good for you. Throw it in every now and then.