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Decline More Than Flat Bench?


i am having a hard time getting my bench up i have tried many different routines that have not worked for me. i started the 5/3/1 and have started to see an improvement. but my decline is much stronger is that normal? i can get 275x10 on decline and only 275x3 flat


It's a shorter range of motion. And why are you bothering with decline?



luke-if I'm not mistaken an article somewhere around here stated it was a good assistance exercise due to the increased overload on the triceps as compared to incline/flat pressing.

OP-more info, height, weight, sticking point, accessory work ect?
and if the guys are tiredof answering these questions you could always read one of dave tate's bench articles.
also, the "so you think you can bench series on youtube could help if its a technique issue, and nobody's technique is perfect.


My decline is slightly lower. I wonder if that means my leg drive and arch are good, or if my triceps are weak..?


I wouldn't waste my tine with declines . You could always board press .


Chances are if the decline is that much better it means you need more chest/lat strength. I would work on paused reps (pausing the bar on your chest), inclines, DB Press and DB Inclines will full ROM and pull-ups/bent over rows if you are not good at them. Always touch your chest on the bench press. Also don't be that dude that stacks like 3 45s under one end of the decline to make it even more decline, a very slight decline is all you need to change the emphasis and honestly you have probably used up the effectiveness of that assistance exercise for you, time to switch to other things that will better improve your bench.