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Decline Bench Survey

How many of us us the Decline Bench all forms Dumbbells, Bench? I personal don’t Decline. I found that Dips are much better.

I like to mix things up so I do decline maybe once a month- I like DBs because they have a better “feel” and don’t bother my shoulders as much

I incorporate declines all the time; they put the sternal head of the pectoralis major at a slight mechanical advantage. Plus, they’re easier on the shoulders than dips and can thus be used in periods of injury rehab.

I do declines with barbells. I also do dips. I am doing this to create more muscle size in my lower chest, although I understand that may not be possible. I thought I would try it for about 6 months and see if there was any change. I do flat and incline bench presses with dumbells because I am trying to correct a slight imbalance (my right arm is about 1/2 inch smaller than my left). I don’t do declines with dumbells because it is just too hard to manage the dumbells for declines without a partner.

Close-grip Barbell Decline Press is a great tricep exercise.

Yep. At least twice a month; usually dbs.

I’m with Machine on this one, I’ve found nothing better for locking out the bench.

Dips did more for my chest than anything else I’ve ever done. Have never done much decline work. Dips are tough and you can’t be a pussy and do 'em.

I must agree with some of the other replies. There is nothing wrong with decline press d/b or b/b. It is an exercise worth incorporating now and again as is almost all exercises and variations in order to keep your muscles changing and evolving to new challenges as well as making sure you train the entire muscle evenly…

Can’t do it with a barbell. Shoulders just won’t take it.

Can’t do it with dumbells because I don’t have a spotter and there’s no way to get 'em up.


Very rarely decline. However, I do use dips regularly (mainly for chest, sometimes for triceps).

I can count the number of times I’ve declined on one hand.

But I don’t bench often/much, either.

I always incorporate a decline movement, whether it be bb or db, in my arsenal of chest exercises.

I occasionally will put decline d/b press or even decline d/b flyes in my workout. However, I prefer weighted dips.

once in a blue moon i will do declines. I focus mostly on incline then flat, then dips. Laters pk

I never decline. Dips are one of my favorite exercises.

For the people who have responded that they have or currently use decline presses as part of their routines, how effective have they found them? ie. have they helped you target the lower regions of the pecs more than flat bench and if so, how has the balance of your chest changed?

I’m really curious to know what people’s experiences here have been with targetting various parts of their chests, especially after reading Chad’s latest article.

bump for CGB…

CGB I have been doing the declines for about 2 months and have not noticed a difference. My plan was to try this for 6 months and see if it worked. I figured the declines weren’t going to hurt me. I might also add I am 54 years old so changes come a little more slowly for me.