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Decline Bench - Substitute


So, my damn college gym has no decline bench press and I need to find a substitute for my new kickass TBT workout. Anyone know of any awesome substitutes to reap the same benefits as the decline bench? I looked around this site but found no solid answer except for dips or something. Hopefully there is something effective out there. Thanks guys!


Just flick it. Do standard benches instead.


On the prison article, the powerlifter had someone deadlift the weight onto his chest while using an incline bench.


Non lockout dips with the torso forward at around a 60 degree angle would probably be the closest replacement. It's actually a much better exercise than the Decline Bench Press.

You could also do 1 1/2 reps, with the 1/2 rep being from the bottom halfway up.


simulate the decline effects on a regular bench.

Bring the weight down just below nipple and drive the bar up--towards your toes. Not literally of course, but FEEL like you are pushing the weight out instead of letting it drift back over your shoulders and head. much safer on the shoulders as well.


Dips are one of the best exercises you can do. Lean forward a bit to emphasize the chest.


Modify your parallel bar dips.

Tuck in your knees and chin towards your chest and keep your eyes on a spot on the floor beneath you.


ok, a 60 degree angle, but what about the grip? arms out like wide grip or arms in like tricep dips?


Shove 2 45 pound plates under the end of a regular bench press.Most Gym Declines have too steep of an angle anyway,nice for your ego,but not necessary.


This is what I had in mind or a couple 2x4's. Dips are awesome too and pushup variations with your feet supported on a bench and hands on the floor possible with a buddy sitting on your back-careful if he's too heavy you'll be brokeback.


As far as paralell bar dips, arms out wide where the elbows are pointed away from the body, and go down ALL the way. Maybe even pause for 1-2 seconds before you explode up. Not necessary to lock out to keep stress on your pecs. The last 1/3 of a dip is primarily triceps.

All the other dip suggestions in this thread are pretty useful as well.