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Decline Bench/Flat Bench

I NEVER do decline I sometimes do incline its nine times out of 10 flat bench the thing is last time I did decline my bench was 230 and I could do 205x5 flat bench,
but my decline was only 195x4 mind you decline wasnt the first thing I did that day but still.

My max ATM is 285 today I did decline and got 230x3x2

I know decline takes your shoulders out of it and I know I use alot of shoulders when I bench.

Do you guys think this is a strength imbalance?

My brother benches 340 flat and can get 300x3 but on decline he can do
300x5 and 315x3

would this be a good thing to work on and bring up? If I wanted to raise my flat bench?

Pretty stupid question but I havent seen many flat bench assistance excercises being decline bench

This question has bugged me for quite some time because last time I did decline my bench went from 205x5 to 205x9 in a week or so, however decline wasnt the only thing I did that day and right after wards thanksgiveing came around and I ate like I was going to the chair.


You should be able to Decline more than you flat bench. The ROM is shorter. The Decline is basically what a flat bench would be if you had a super terrific arch. Its heavy on the triceps of course, perhaps thats your Achilles

I have always had a problem pressing the bar in a straight line it always comes up twards my eyes

Im going to start doing this I bench way to much with my shoulders.

I throw in the Decline every once in awhile as a ME bench exercise. Once you learn the bar pattern you should be stronger on decline.

I like the decline because you use a lot of chest and triceps.

keep your elbows tucked and bring the bar really low on your chest.

good luck,

My best flat bench was 110kgx6 ultra wide (I reckon I’m capable of reps with 120)

My best decline’s 125kgx4.

My tri’s are my strong point, and I would imagine that’s why my decline’s stronger than my flat.