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Declaring Supps in Customs?

Hi. I am going to Germany and I’m bringing a ton of supps. Do I need to declare them in customs?


A ton? It may just be a little easier to rent a shipping container and just ship that.

…sorry, I dont have an actual answer.

no, as long as they are allowed. i have travelled extensively throughout europe with supps and even sometimes oral steroids and anti-estrogens.

i have never had a problem, just know what you have. they are looking for drugs, booze, cigs, cash and explosives.

on a side note i just flew back to vancouver from toronto. at pearson, they had me take out my bottle of BCAAs and tin of greens+, they wanted to know what the greens+ was, i replied, “my greens powder.” that was enough to suffice. they did not bother with the other 5 or so pill bottles i had on me.

you will probably have more hassle with preboarding security than with customs on the other side, at least this has been my experience in europe.

Nah not a prob that ive seen I brought a 1 bag with nothing but Grow! etc to Thailand and not a prob. and protien Pdr there is looked at like steroids here HMM??

as long as the supps you are bringing are legal in the counrty not a prob,


when i travel i have to bring everything with me that i want for 2-3 months at a time… ive been pulled out and questioned/searched with multiple bags containing multiple colored powders, but yea, no real hassles. i can understand the concern when a guy with a laptop bag has no laptop and 15lbs of powder :wink: