Deck of Cards Pushups

hey folks, i thought i would share my most favourite workout with you:
Get a deck of cards. The goal is to do each card one after the other with minimal rest. Number card =number of reps,example: card 9= 9 reps.
Do pushups only

Hearts= wide grip
diamond= close grip
clubs, spades= regular grip
kings, queens, jacks= 20 reps

  • All pushups are to be done with feet up (on a chair )
    apart from aces= 30 pushups with feet on the floor
    joker= 30 pushups with hands up.


I do this workout twice a week, because i’m joining the british army and i’m working on my pushups

nicenice, i usually try to do 200 pushups before bed but this definetly sounds like more fun eh? haha good luck

that is a terrible idea IMO.

640 push ups??? (if my math is correct) How long does this workout take to do 640 good pushups with the permitters you’ve set?

If you’re joining the army you’d be better off doing a more “traditional” deck of cards workout. pick 4 different exercises and do them for each card.

Jacks = 11
queens = 12
kings = 13
Aces = 14

not 20

You’d get a lot better benefit by doing pushups, sit ups, pull ups and burpees instead of all pushups.

I don’t know what else you are doing to prep but hopefully you are doing more than push-ups. You may consider trying:

  1. Traditional deck of cards workout (mentioned above). You get 85 or 95 reps of each exercise depending how you count an ace
  2. The Navy SEAL Prep program (skip the swimming) at
  3. Scrappers workouts at
  4. or some of Ross Enamait or Stewart Smith’s workouts

Depending on which workout you do, you may need some running. If you aren’t racking up miles take a look at some of the programs at Cool Running. The ‘couch to 5k’ program is a nice place to start. If you’re already beyond that, grab one of the other programs.

Once in high school a basketball coach made me do this, but instead of doing every single card, before he drew the card I got to guess what it was (value only, not suit). If I was right I got to skip it. You still do a lot, but if you guess high numbers you can save yourself some pushups and mix it up.

But either way, deck of card pushups suck. Definitely works well, I just HATED it haha