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I need some help. Next month, me and my boyfriend will be together for two years and I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what to get him. Last year I got him a ring, but I’m clueless now. So please help me.

A brand new leather or suede jacket would be a nice gift I’m sure…

Get him something he really loves. Does he like motorcycles or cars? Maybe something that he has really wanted. How about a massage? Or a gym membership? Just remember that there are two ways to a man’s heart: Food and Sex. Combine the two, and he will have the best anniversary present imaginable.

First guy to suggest a threesome gets a swift kick in the hairy bean bag. :slight_smile:

Oooh, the massage thing - definitely a good idea!

A ring, sorry but that is clueless. Try not to screw up again. Try something a man would like. You’re seeing this guy for two years and you don’t know what to get him? Pay attention.

The reason I don’t know what to get him is that he already has everything that he wants. And I also didn’t screw ANYTHING up by giving him a ring last year because he liked it and he wears it all the time. I do pay attention to him, but wouldn’t you think that it would be kind of hard to figure out what to give someone when they have everything that they want and they also don’t know what they want when they tell you??

The massage idea is pretty good. He already has a gym membership, so that wouldn’t work. He isn’t really into cars or motorcycles. He’s mainly into working out. He has all the stuff that he needs for that. So if you have any more ideas, I’d be glad to hear them.

for the man who has everything… give him something he doesn’t know he wants. He has stuff for the gym? Look and see what is worn out, or he could use extra of. Does he have a long drive to work? How about a book on ‘tape’? I’ve seen some good ones. Look at it, not from the angle of what he wants or needs, but what you think he’d like. What about finding an Arnold signed ‘something’ on e-bay? He lifts, right? I’ll bet he’d LOVE a gift certificate to the Biotest store!

Michelle gave you some more good suggestions. Otherwise, if he’s into porn, you could always buy him something special. Or even do something together. You could buy some lingerie, plan a good meal, give him a massage and great sex! But that’s easy. Does he ever hint about things he likes or wants? Sometimes, I don’t even realize what I want when people ask me. But there are times when I’m out somewhere, and I see something that is a great gift. So make sure you listen to what he says about things. Besides a massage, I’d definitely go for ART treatment or maybe even acupuncture. And of course supplements and workout gear are good. Clothes are always handy, and even something handmade would be cool.

KS your delimma seems like a perfect candidate for a “Steak and Blowjob Day” no talking no cuddeling just a steak and a blowjob.:wink:

Pay attention, as in; what he likes. Do you know what his favorite band is? Buy him some of their music. Take him to one of their concerts if possible. Massage as mentioned. Take him to a nice restaurant. Get freaky in a Gap changing room. Videos/DVDs. Rent a hotel for the night in another town. Go on a weekend getaway. Use the old buying for your brother or friend trick to get him to tell you what he really wants. Food and sex girl. We guys are pretty easy to please for the most part.

The biotest gift certificate is the best idea I’ve seen. You’ll never go wrong with that.

Thanks for your ideas. I think I will also go with the hotel thing. Do you think it would be better to take him out for dinner, or cook something that he likes myself and suprise him with that instead??

Olympic Arms AR15? 63’ Corvette with an aluminum engine block? Heavy Kick Bag?

Forget the hotel thing, take him to a bed & breakfast instead. Those places are the bomb, especially if you get one with a jacuzzi tub and as long as they serve a custom-made breakfast in the morning. As for dinner, I prefer a home-cooked meal over dinner out anytime. So cook him something he likes!

KS, I agree with Nate Dogg cooking at home or wherever is a more personal thing for sure. Good idea on the B&B, although you may not get as much privacy. Don’t forget dessert, which could be just about anything, whink whink.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach right. That is true for me. I think Chris Rock said it best. "Feed me, fuck me, shut the fuck up.