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Decision to Make: Cut Calories or Gain Muscle?

So I’m a 15 y/o freshman, 5’9, 167 pounds. I’m a bit heavier than I’d like to be, and I want to lose some fat. However, I lift every week and I still want to gain muscle from it. So, do I cut down on calories in order to lose weight but risk losing muscle mass, or do I stay at a higher caloric intake and continue gaining muscle while not losing as much weight as I would like? Or is there something I’m missing, such as a special diet plan or exercise plan that would allow me to complete both? I’m super lost, and I feel like at this point I’ve tried everything I can think of, which is why I’m here trying to get better advice from more experienced people that might know of something I could do.

Please don’t take this as a dig but you’re 15. The “magic thing” you haven’t tried yet is consistent training and diet for years at a time. This is the thing all the big strong guys have in common.

Feel free to check the log section for data on this if you’d like. Phrases like “I’ve maintained a training log on some sites since 2004” or “I haven’t lifted less than twice a week in 10 years” tend to be followed by impressive feats. Phrases like “I’ve restarted after a few years away”, tend not to be.


When I was 13, I was your height and 7-9lbs heavier, and fat. I pursued fat loss at that point, and got down to about 152lbs by the time I was done. From there, over many years, I built up to 195ish where I am today (still at 5’9).

If I had to do it again, I’d do the same thing. It only took the span of the summer to drop the weight for me, and it put me in a great position to start putting on some muscle. I know at 15 3 months sounds like forever, but it’s honestly a blip, and you’ll most likely appreciate not feeling fat.


I think T3h’s post is about the best info you can get on here. I recommend his log postings.

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Just train hard on programs off this site …at your age you will put on muscle at the same time. This a good start…