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Decision on Strength Program


Hey there,
Iv been training for seriously for a year and a half now and am looking now to really get my lifts up to something impressive over the course of the next year or so...
at the moment my stats are something like this:
Height: 5" 10
Weight: 180lbs
Deadlift: 430lbs
Squat: 300lbs
Bench: 247.5lbs
Military Press: 150lbs

So im contemplating between using a 5/3/1 setup for slow an progressive gains, a westside template using speed days or something even as simple as 5x5?
my main goal is to just increase my strength overall and i figure by increase my weight on the powerlifts that will go a long way in contributing to overall strength.
any imputs or suggestions as to whatever method to use would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


I'm also a beginner, so I don't want to give advice. However, I will advise that you perhaps look at the Big Beyond Belief thread to consider as well.