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Decision Made. Starting First Cycle

Firstly thanks for the advice before about what to use for cycling (riding bikes) performance.

So reading done, I’m gonna go for this starting in the next few week’s.

First ever cycle!

12 weeks
Test Cyp at 400mg per week spread across 2x 200mg shots with a front load first shot of 300mg. I know this is v low by body building standards but it’s for recovery so hopefully just a bit higher than a TRT dose (aiming to have test levels about the same as a gifted natural athlete in their teenage years).

Turinabol at 10mg per day on weeks 4-10 I want to see how I react to test only for the first month before introducing the t-bol and don’t want an oral for 12 weeks no matter how mild it supposedly is. Running it very low as I don’t want mass- just strength and endurance + higher hematocrit.

Got tamoxifen on hand- advice on when to use and how much… just use it if I get itchy nips?

Got some chlomid for after as well- advice on when to start and at what dosage would be appreciated?

Not gonna do EQ yet. I’m imagining I’m gonna do another cycle similar to this first one sometime around Christmas then maybe try some EQ on a third cycle. I can tell this won’t be a one off having read enough on here.

I’ll be eating at maintenance but doubling my training volume hoping to drop a bit of BF across this 12 week cycle too whilst getting stronger and more endurance.

Any pointers for a first cycle? I’m slightly shitting it but excited at the same time!

When would anyone advise you do mid cycle labs too on this course? Early? Middle? Twice?

Cheers guys

Well your test will be far above a gifted natural athlete, that is certain. 400mg/w is a nice dose, you should see some very tangible benefits from that.

I genuinely like that you came here and asked questions, listened to the advice, and used it to your advantage. Sometimes I wonder if I’m wasting my time giving advice but every now and again someone actually listens.


Cheers Iron Yuppie. Yeh I can imagine that gets annoying!

One thing I meant to ask…

Is there any way of checking the T-bol I get isn’t just dianabol in disguise?

LabMax sells steroid test kits. I’m not sure if they have one for tbol. Just buy from a good source and trust them. That’s all we can do in this game.

I listened to your advise too! Just need abit more if that’s ok ordered x3 10ml vials 250mg but I want to do 400mla week, what measurement on needle do I want x2 injections a week 45 yrs old first cycle!

.8ml twice a week will get you 400mg.

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So I’ve been on for about 10 days now. Had some itchy nips so used a bit of tamoxifen. Stopped that now.

All seems ok,

However. The first 6 days or so I felt like superman. Libido through the roof- was training every day and felt like I just wanted to train non stop.

I now just feel normal- not meh, but I ache this morning and not feeling horny like I was.

Does this mean I’m now probably aromatasing the test? I’m a naturally high shbg guy so maybe I’ve bound a load of it up?

I know your all gonna just say get some bloods but I can’t really afford to be doing them every couple of weeks…I’m gonna do one about a month in and some at week 8.

Maybe take some arimidex?

Anyone experienced this before? This is my first cycle so all new to me.

You shut down, that’s all. So it’s a combination of less test because of no natural production, and adjusting to the dose that you’re taking.

Yeh I figured it could be that. I felt great with my natural test plus what’s in me. Now I feel like normal- does that mean I’m only putting in enough that I’m replacing my normal levels?

Should I increase it a touch?

I’m also sweating like a beast/hot flashes is that a normal side effect or does that indicate estrogen?

Though I’m an advocate for “one med at a time”, if you are known to be clinically/chronically high on SHBG, looking at a support Rx that has a binding affinity to that end may help what you are feeling and improve the results of the cycle. Pre/During/Post labs are crucial to understand.

Mesterolone (Proviron) and Danazol both work to this end.

Support Rx? Is that an abbreviation… I’m not familiar with the term?