decision made...dieting.

it happened again…i upped the calories too fast, i nixed too much cardio and got too fat too fast while bulking with too much carbs. well it?s summer and the bulk will have to wait till october.

right now i?m doing meltdown1 four times per week followed by half an hour of cardio at 130bpm.
during meltdown i consume the first half of my workout shake (50g Dextrose, 40g Whey) and the other half after the cardio.

i?m trying to gain some muscle while losing fat.
bf is 15% want to get down to 10% (low for me)
weight 168 lbs

DIET: example day

  1. P/C 250g Cottage Cheese (quark) 180g apple
    1. 4.: 140g lean beef, 300g Spinach, 2TB flax
      7 eggwhites, 2 whole eggs.
  2. WO/ PWO shake
  3. 50g Oatmeal with 100g Cottage cheese, 10g whey
  4. 150g Tuna, 1TB natural Peanut butter
    on workout days i consume 2200 cals, on non WO days i do 15-20 mins of sprints and consume 2000cals.

what do you think?