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Deciphering Blood Test Report


I got my blood/urine test results back today for insurance purposes and the internet is not terribly helpful in explaining some of them. My cholesterol was 174mg/dL, which was apparently low and "Urn Creatinine" was 453 mg/dL, which was super mega high from the top limit of 260. I'm a 20 year old male, 195lbs, 5'10" if that helps. Just looking for some insight into these numbers.


It means that your cholesterol is 174mg/dl and you urn creatinine is 453mg/dl.


Try reading a BIOLOGY book.


No, no, but seriously... isn't there some sort of guy whom one could turn to in order to interpret these tests? Someone trained above and beyond the demands of a Google or Wikipedia search?

What are they called again?


Was one of your liver enzymes relatively high too?

If so, you probably only worked out and the muscle damage registers.

Also, sky high would be different.


lol, I'm currently between doctors.


I didn't have any liver enzyme results, but your reasoning is what I thought it might be.


Fair enough. But, for serialz, those two values in and of themselves aren't quite as descriptive as the lab work in its entirety if we are looking at the "big picture"... which is why I suggested finding someone who is trained to interpret results above and beyond Googling "what does high creatinine mean?".

If you have the COMPLETE results on hand, posting it in the TRT section might get some quick responses, else you can wait for someone like MODOK or Professor X (i.e., bona fide heath care professionals) to chime in.


Did you get a breakdown of your cholesterol? LDL, HDL and Trigs? What was your BUN and creatinine clearance?


OP, read this T-Nation article by Cy Willson:


It's an oldie, but a real goldmine of information.


BUN : 14 mg/dL (5-25 mg/dL)
no LDL info, HDL: 60.4 mg/dL
Trigs: 117
Creatinine: 1.13 (0.5-1.5 mg/dL)


That helped a bit, but that one seems like its for much more in depth results. Mine are pretty basic, still thanks.


Okay your cholesterol is great, no problems at your age there are some rare genetic disorders that someone will have really high Trigs. I have a kid who works for me and at 23 he had a 1600 Trig.

Your kidney function is fine, so you had some surplus Urn Creatinine, which like has been already stated could be secondary to your workout etc. Also something to remember we never go off one lab result, lab error etc. So if you are really worried wait a month and go back and repeat it.


thanks a lot, ill prob be getting another lab test soon (with a Dr. by my side explaining this shit). My entire family has sugar/cholesterol/heart problems, so I was just curious on those numbers.