Decipher My Blood Work, Please

Hi, I’m sorry if this is the wrong place for this post. I’ve been scouring this forum for a good while, but this is my first post. I’m an avid lifter. Have been for at least 5 years now. I’m now 41yrs and experience symtoms of low T I’d say for at least 6-7yrs that I figured I could fix by lifting, good diet…etc. Anyways, I was considering going on a cycle but after getting my blood results back if Im reading correctly I think my T is really LOW and a cycle may just completely TRASH it. I’m not expert but I know a lot of you are so if you could please look at my results and tell me where I’m at and if it makes sense to get on a cycle or TRT I would appreciate it.

Your prolactin is high. I’m not as knowledgeable as some on this site, but from what I understand, that can be a cause of your low T. I’d look into that before considering TRT.

Thanks for the response, yes I noticed that. I’ve been getting shitty sleep lately (my fault) but looking at my test levels they look super low. I’d like to know if high prolactin would cause T levels to drop as low as mine.

LH/FSH would be helpful. Also a thyroid panel. FT3/FT4/T3/T4/TSH/RT3/antibodies.

You can try clomid to determine if you’re secondary or not. That’s going to be your first goal - finding out if your low T is primary or secondary

Happen to have a suggestion for a cheap way to get a full thyroid panel done? I have insurance but I supposed I can’t use it if doing this on my down. The Dr who prescribed my blood test I’m going to drop since he lied and told me he can’t see me until 10 days later because that’s how long blood work results take. I walked in the lab and got my blood work the next day.

I have some clomid. How can I use this to determine if my low T is primary or secondary?

I always went through a practitioner whom I developed a relationship with, so I’m not aware of online testing methods.

If you go to a new doc, just tell them you have hypothyroid symptoms. Say you’re cold, irritable, have a hard time falling asleep, difficulty concentrating, ect. Just take a look at a symptom list and pick some that you can fake.

Search google to figure out how to use it; there is a load of info out there. There are threads here that tell you how to also.

I had a follow up with my Dr who ordered the original blood work for me. He wants me to go for a brain MRI to see if I may have a tumor or anything abnormal with my pituitary gland causing Prolactinoma. He says if it looks normal then it points to my testes just not producing enough testosterone and we’ll take it from there.

My question is this a better or just as thorough enough form of diagnosis vs getting a full thyroid panel done?

I had high prolactin as well and has a pituitary MRI done. Mine was normal but I have been on antidepressants and some can cause high prolactin. You still want the full thyroid work up as this can cause sluggishness and unwanted weight gain amongst other things.

Regarding your T, its low in total but your free T isn’t that bad and that’s what you ‘feel’. Your SHBG is low which is why you have adequate free T even though your total number is fine. You may consider this discussion with your Doc as I don’t know if more T will solve your issue.

One issue of pituitary adinomas is that they can get big enough to damage the optic nerves. A MRI will at this stage probably not show any threat of that. If prolactin is up, the effect is on LH/FSH and lower testosterone is secondary to that.

Without LH/FSH labs, you doc has no idea what he is talking about. LH/FSH must be done before any TRT is started, too late afterwards. LH/FSH determines primary/secondary.

When T is low, you then do more diagnostic labs to try find out why. Low-T is the symptom, not the disease. LH/FSH is needed. I have no idea why prolactin would be tested and LH/FSH not. When LH/FSH is low, prolactin lab is done to try to find out why LH/FSH is low.

Note that prolactin should not be tested withing 48 hours of orgasm when prolactin is released. Also avoid cuddling puppies and babies.

Please read these links found here: About the T Replacement Category - #2 by KSman

  • advice for new guys - provide more info about you!
  • things that damage your hormones
  • protocol for injections
  • thyroid basics - check oral body temperatures as suggested
  • finding a trt doc

You will learn more from that reading than from this thread.

Thyroid: You oral body temperatures are a very good guide to your thyroid status. See the note in the links. This will cost nothing.
If you have not been using iodized salt and/or vitamins that list iodine+selenium, you can expect thyroid problems.

Thanks for the response guys, it helped a lot. I will update as I progress. One thing I will say is about a month ago I ended a cycle of RED Ostarine, at the same time during I took Red PCT and Anafuse. I’m not sure which did what but man I started feeling like my old self again.

Hi guys just following up. I booked an appointment with an Endo. It’s about a month and a half away and I do not want to wait this long to start taking action. I decided to pay for the thyroid panel out of pocket through an online lab.

Is there a crowd favorite online lab that everyone uses here where I can get my full thyroid panel done?

What’s up fellas. I ditched my uro and went to an endo instead. He gave me a script for test cypionate. I’d like to share my blood results. Maybe you guys can do advise me if I may be fixed without going on test. Please take a look.

Doc says my prolactin is at normal range.
Total test is 650 on a 250-1100 scale
Free is 86 on a 46-224 scale

He put me on .75 MLS every 14days which seem really low and too spread out for me.

What is your guys feedback?

Yeah that’s way to spread out for dosing. Also, I would personally want a more standard dose are your free T is still lowish and why not make it optimal. See if you can do 100mg/wk at a minimum. Keep an eye on your E2. If it stays you are good, but if it continues to climb you will need an AI.

I’m assuming your FSH is high and I don’t know why. I thought it usually was lowered after T treatment, maybe KSman can elaborate.

Thanks & he did say my FSH is a little high.

Note: I actually just had my 1st pin last night. I took 100mg & plan to keep it at that per week. My script is only one vial/90 days so I will have to find a way for the doc to script me another vial.

Looking at my numbers does it look like I have other options that may possibly boost my T? Correct me if I’m wrong but pinning is going to be a lifetime journey yes? And should I stay with his dosage and pinning schedule or keep it at 100mg/week?

Get stable on 100mg/week, watch that bloods are then OK and see where E2 goes.

Right now, E2=106pg/ml is totally horrible. With little FT for FT–>E2, liver problems suspected or drugs interfering with enzyme pathways that metabolize E2 in the liver.

High FSH suggests primary hypogonadism, but may be a result of your PCT activities. With TRT, FSH should go to zero, test once. If FSH stays elevated it could be from FSH secreting testicular cancer.

Please check your oral body temperatures. This can be more useful that many thyroid labs.

You also ignored question re using iodized salt. Why do you do this?

Thanks K Sman. I didn’t notice the question about the salt. I cook with sea salt. Other than that I do not take any supps containing any iodine/selenium. Just a daily multi. If they don’t have these in them I will purchase them.

What range should my E2 be in? I do take accutane daily, which is renown for being heavy on the liver. Perhaps this is the cause. I’ve noticed that I’ve got some fat (not much at all) that will not go away…could this be the result of my E2 current level?

Here are my action items until my next blood test which will be 3months from now.

  1. Get some idione & selenium for thyroid support
  2. Get some liver support supplements
  3. Check oral body temp
  4. Get blood work (in 3 months)

Is this a good plan of action and anything else would recommend me doing, not doing? I just want to be as healthy as possible.


edit @ K Sman. I"m reading as much as possible about high E2. I found another post you commented on and learning a lot: Estradiol: Why You Should Care - #96 by KSman

Should I invest in some Arimidex or Zinc to knock down my E2, or should I jus stick with Iodine and see if that helps instead or should I do both? I’m now realizing why I’m having such a hard time dropping some of this fat, I’ve never had issue with fat before. This also may explain my joint pain, but this only starts after I cycle back on the accutane drug.

Arimidex/anastrozole can get the job done. 25mg/day zinc would be fine for general health maintenance and more is not better. Zinc can reduce E2 somewhat if one is zinc deficient, but more may not do much than block absorption of other minerals like copper. Trace metal elements are often used in the reaction sites of enzymes.

You are iodine deficient, read the thyroid basics sticky.
Suspect that part of your weight/fat issue and energy levels is thyroid.
Everyone in your home affected?

@KSman I live alone. AS far as I know my family doesn’t have a history of Thyroid issues.
I have begun logul’s 5% soloution taking 8 drops a day.
What kind of Zinc do you suggest, is any form of Zinc just as good?
I’ve ordered Arimidex, it comes in .5mg caps, what do you recommend start out dosage per day or per week?
and my prolactin went down some since the original tests but it’s still high isn’t it?

Divide T dose to twice a week and take anastrozole at that time. Try ratio of 1mg anastrozole for every 100mg T. If injecting 50mg T, take 0.5mg anastrozole at that time.

You must take selenium with that iodine. Find a multi-vit that has is, better with iodine+selenium.

Doc will not Rx cabergoline to reduce prolactin.

Rx T dose is way too little.

Cortisol = 9.8 at 8AM or when? Very borderline for 8AM,

Take 25mg DHEA from vitamin shelves if in USA.

Low DHEA and cortisol suggests consideration if adrenal problems perhaps from stress and stress events. See thyroid basics sticky.

You need steady T levels to shut down HPTA. Then if LH very low, near zero and FSH is looking strong, that can be signaling a FSH secreting testicular cancer. If FSH=zero, no need to ever check LH/FSH again.

So you started iodine without getting baseline body temperatures? :<{

This site sells a good zinc-magnesium supplement.

@KSman First, thanks for taking time out to help me. I jumped the gun with the iodine eh? I do feel better since starting actually. I’ll lay off of it for the rest of the week then test for baseline temp. So the endo I’m seeing now is very conservative and I doubt he’s got much experience with this stuff so I will have to ease him into it.
For my T dose what do you recommend? I have a blood test and appointment with Dr in almost 3 months. I will up my dose accordingly and if I start feeling great I will call him ahead of time and let him know I’ve upped my dose. If my bloods look healthy next appointment I’m pretty sure he’ll support. My daily multi contains 70mcg of Selenium. My Cortisol was taken around 9:15 am.