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Decimation Form Checks: Zerchers, Shrugs, Front Squats, and More

That was good.

Be careful though - you’re doing lots of single reps at 90%+ of your 1rm. Stick to structured plan. Stop maxing out. It’s not good for you to always go as heavy as possible.


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The bar path on the 90s looked decent. After that things start to go downhill. I would stick with dialing in my form with 90 before I added more weight.

We all want to add more weight… now. Sometimes it just isn’t the best approach. Add some reps or sets for a while, then up the weight. The bad thing about doing things repeatedly is that if you are going them badly, you will just engrain a bad habit.


100% agree. On the 115 - the bar comes right forward.This is because your hips try and come up without the bar moving. Unless you stopped early on purpose I wold use 90x3 as your max.

This is the BEST advice. If you can get 90kg for 10 reps - add 10kg and then get 100kg to 10 reps, the add 10kg and get 110kg to 10 reps. This is as complicated as it needs to be for a while.

Also - your “tempo squats” are just squats. That is a good pace. It is not about lifting the weight. You need to control it also.


Definitely better, but it still looks like you cut everything except for the first set at 90kg high. That said, it can be difficult for larger people to achieve full depth, so it’s hard to tell

You’re totally on track, huge improvement from the earlier videos.

I feel like, if you tuned into your body more during that 115x2, you would’ve known that third rep wasn’t guaranteed. And you need all the crisp, guaranteed reps you can rack up while avoiding missed reps as much as possible.

x2 this. Yep. Not a bad thing, but aiming to make that the new-normal would be pretty solid.

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Front squats 4th set probably best set for depth.
100kg X 3 . I did 5 sets of 3 with 100kg .
I felt and saw my depth improve until the last set.
Tired after bench and Powertwister yesterday.

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How are you structuring your training? Did you follow @j4gga2 s suggestion?

Maybe worth considering squatting to a box so you know that you are hitting the same depth consistently?

I like what @j4gga2 suggested. Tempos have been a great way for me to self-coach. I always feel more technically confident after including that for a block!

If you don’t want to stop doing heavy “normal” reps, you could do a ramp to a 2-3RM, and then do your back-off sets with a tempo progression.

To be specific, let’s say you can do 3 pristine reps at 100 kilos. Then you should be able to do 3x5 normal reps at 85-90 kilos. So that could be Week 1.

Week 2, you do 2 reps at 102, or maybe 105. The back-off sets would be 85-90 kilos yet again, but this time you do the eccentrics slow.

Week 3, 3 reps at 102/105. Back-off @ 85-90 with 2 pauses during the eccentric.

You can explore some options here,

Option B would be suitable for the first 6 week cycle. Then you can use Option A.

and here (shorter cycles)

Thanks for the input. I will look at the article.
I have done 3 weeks of slower tempo but might repeat it.
I could have definitely done more reps at a lower weight. You call them back off sets. But how many is too many?

I am following what j4gga suggested. 3 weeks tempo squats.
3 weeks paused squats

I want to dominate the weights , so I will be adding weight slowly. I did 90kg last week.

I find using a narrow stance about 20 degrees is yielding the best results for depth .

Any input is greatly appreciated . Thank you.

I am following j4gga although I have not had 100 percent adherence .Having looked at the article . Option b is definitely something I could try. I want to keep plodding along for as long as possible

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Depends on how the rest of your training session is structured.
Depends on number of training sessions per week.
Depends on you, what you have an easier time to recover and super-compensate from.

For me, 3-4 back-off sets are appropriate. For you, I don’t know.

Thanks. I do squats alone normally with maybe some deadlift grip work to around 140-160kg primarily holds DO.

About 3-4 backoff sets would be doable judging by today.

I stuck to the plan mostly today and did not attemptheavier singles. I am starting to realise that it is harder on the knees .

I did not pause my reps for the most part though but I did not rush as much either. It is still a work in progress. Excuses I know lol .

I do 5 training sessions per week with rehab for wrist and foot thrown in as extra sessions.

Mon front squat
Tuesday bench
Wednesday maybe rest or deadlift/Powertwister bending a very heavy duty spring
Thursday front squat
Friday deadlift
Sunday bench Powertwister

I don’t do much cardio , but do a job that has a lot of walking and pushing collapsed warehouse cages of about 40kg each normally about 5 or 6 at a time.
Overtime I think this alone would make one’s back stronger.
As I am getting used to the work I might add in some cardio.

Phrasings such as this

makes it hard to get a good idea of what you are actually doing.

If you write

Does that mean that the front squat is your main lift, and then you go and do some accessories and supplemental work as well or do you just do that one lift? If so, how many work sets are you doing?

I think most people helping you out would appreciate if you could write out exactly what your training sessions looked like last week.

Yes front squat is the main lift with no accessories.
3 X 5 at a working weight.90kg last week , 100kg this week.

I cannot back squat due to not being to hold the bar.

I will compile a list from training log but mostly it is the Powertwister and benching 1 set of 5 RM then try and get 10 for three sets at a slightly lower weight

110kg X 5
100 X 8
100x 6
100 X 5

Progress on the bench is rapid at the moment as I have only started up again recently.

I tried a maximal deadlift which was stupid but I added 10kg through form. I got a pb at the Powertwister too.

Depth looked good, speed, it all looked good, really.

Little forward dip on that last rep, but nothing to be upset about considering where it was in the session.

Onward & upward!

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Thanks nice to hear that.

Finally closed my new powertwister .

@Chris_Colucci @ChickenLittle @T3hPwnisher @j4gga2 @carlbm @Voxel

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. I felt they were a little high over the first rep .The other sets other than maybe the second set were a bit high too.

I moved the workout to the afternoon so was less tired but it still felt hard. I had a difficult day in work yesterday and finally closed my goal Powertwister. The Powertwister will take a little bit of a back burner , as I strained my forearm during the close.

You’ve been tagging me on these, but they all just look like front squats to me man. Hard to mess them up.

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Glad to hear that I won’t tag you again thanks

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