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Decimation Food Log

I have plantar facilitis in my right front so I doing rehab.
Rolling on ice bottle 15 mins
stretch against wall.
Calf raises. I used the machine today. Felt very easy up to 210kg standing calf raise machine.
But it exceeded my foot’s ability to load it. It hurt for a good 15 mins.

Tested waters with deadlift 180kg felt hard failed on 205kg just for one.
I did barbell shrugs instead with straps and rehabbed wrist curls. for my sprained wrist.
Finished push presses with thick 46kg DB. Cleaned the 48 but failed the push press.

Food is still not looking good but I am eating a little less.
Rack pulls failed at 270kg. I could do 330kg last year.
Still quite fatigued from barbell back extensions.

Bench press yesterday 3rd session back. Starting to move easier.

@Voxel @j4gga2 @Chris_Colucci @littlesleeper
Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
FRONT SQUAT - slow tempo twice weekly MON THURS
HIGH PULLS- no more than a 100kg

POWER SNATCH ---- Leg press ---- might see if I can belt squat. TUES FRI
with straps and lighter ones without straps
Develop flexibility to front and back squat.
Ancillary work back extension /reverse hypers/ glute ham rasies
Wrist strengthening every day higher to medium reps no less than 10 or as recovery allows.

Foot rehab is going well. Wrist pain seems to have disappeared. But I have not used very heavy loading yet.
I am going to do a month’s training on wrist curls and wrist pronations.

Also I am going to focus on the Olympic lifting or perhaps just the front squat for now.
The physio did say I shouldn’t squat heavy and should prioritise more reps and sets .
I am going to start following that now as I have equalled and perhaps surpassed my 180kg Zercher Squats from my mid-twenties. (i.e. no belt or wraps). I am giving up the Zerchers for the time being while I correct my relative core weakness. It doesn’t seem to equate to a large front squat either.
The physio did say I should have a lot more exercises than just squat and deadlift but then he is a large bodybuilder. One of the largest I have ever seen while being lean. Hence the leg presses and belt squats. I need a replacment for heavy back squats.
He said no excessive jumping either and I will have to wear trainers with gel insoles which is not ideal.

I think I will follow Jigga’s recomendations of two squat sessions weekly - emphasising slow tempo and pauses.
Plus foot stretches
Standing calf raises. ( I am already fairly strong on these but they seem to help already)
Work on achieving rack position.
I could probably power snatch 40-70kg now with straps. The most I have ever done is 77.5g about 5 years ago. I will see if I can catch 60kg in the rack , I doubt it though.

I would like to Bench press but I will limit this to once per week. (I did do a heavy single with a spotter 125kg used wrist wraps. ) I use a flat back and bench to chest. I believe I could get 130kg now with just a few session in. My best is 145kg . My weight has crept up so this probably helps the bench,

What. Is. Your. Specific. Goal? To build a big front squat? To build a big Olympic lift total?

Am I following the week right:
Mon: Front squat, high pull
Tues: Power snatch, leg press, maybe belt squat, back extension/reverse hypers/glute ham raise
Wed: rest
Thurs: Front squat, high pull
Fri: Power snatch, leg press, maybe belt squat, back extension/reverse hypers/glute ham raise
Sat: Rest
Sun: Rest
Wrist work every day

That’s the plan. No other exercises, no rows, no presses, no core work, nothing else? I saw a random mention of benching.

What sets and reps are we looking at?

You don’t “rack” snatches, so you’re talking about the clean? Why not see if you can catch 30kg in the rack position first, especially coming off a wrist injury? Your instinct seems to be “go super heavy and finish the rep”, and that approach is totally fucking you over.

Reality check, my man: Your weight gain has helped nothing. You know you’ve been overweight for a long while.

Thanks Chris. I tested my wrist with power snatches just 40kg did 5 sets of 5. Wrist hurts a tiny bit now but did a lot of wrist curls too.
I lack the flexibility to rack the bar at all . When I could it required at least 80kg to do so.

I certainly happy to do more exercises. I would need to do db presses to begin with.
My rows are not too bad . Do you mean barbell rows?

You reading right though I want a big front squat but would prefer a big total.

Wrist ok again now. I will try post some wrist curls. Gym is really busy tonight. Didn’t have s platform.

Spot on about my weight .

I intend to do barbell extensions and glute ham raises .
Not sure what other core work to do

As for reps 5 sets of 3 with slow tempo for front squats.
High pulls 3 X 3
All accessory work above 8 reps

Constructive comments are welcome

28kg I did some 30kg but do not think they are very strict. My wrist have a slight abnormality they do not turn over completely.

Plus with 20kg

All constructive feedback is welcome.
@j4gga2 @Chris_Colucci
Did a longish workout after the night shift.
Wrist curls did 3 sets of 8 on 30kg DB struggled with the right. Left did it fairly easily.

Paused squats and slow descent. 5 sets of 3 . I used the straps and they worked quite well for staying tight. I found out that I can go quite low or lower with a narrower stance. It feels very unnatural at the moment though. Also my heels were raising at the bottom of the squat. It could be the trainers (spongy with gel insoles I have to wear.) I got higher and higher with each rep , when I used 100kg for 3 . I am quite tired but perhaps , it is better for checking form decline.
The squats took forever.
A did a 3rd world squat too. I managed a minute with some difficulty but hunched over at the bottom.
Did some high pulls a few clean attempts with 60kg wrist felt fine. A few high pulls with 80kg
Stupidly did some DO deadlifts as my grip felt strong. I only went and broke my record 160kg.(Eleiko bar) A small amount of weight for some. But I was happy with it. I have small to average hands size 9 gloves.

I will do a separate session for core , wrist , foot rehab - and some DB pressing before the night shift. I lack the fitness to fit everything into the same workout. The squats zapped me and I was already tired.

I will add some videos soon.

On hindsight think I should have tried to hold longer. Still pleased though.

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That’s not a slow descent, but it was a good length pause. However, I strongly recommend do a phase of slow descents first then a phase with pauses.

For the first three weeks:

  • Day 1 squats are 5 x 3 with a 5 second descent
  • Day 2 squats are 5 x 3 with a 7 second descent, at the same load

For the next three weeks:

  • Day 1 squats are 5 x 3 with a 3 second pause
  • Day 2 squats are 5 x 3 with a 5 second pause, at the load

Technically, yes your feet rolled forwards a little bit. I do believe it is related to your shoes. I think that will clean up with practice, however

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I did try the slow descent on some of the lighter sets. It is extremely difficult.
The physio wants me to wear the shoes for a while. He did suggest squatting on small plates but I do not like the idea of slipping on them.
I could put on my squatting shoes , as the weight is still low at the moment.

What’s the idea behind the slow descents? I am not against it, just curious.
I felt I was rolling forward or even caving slightly on the left hand side. I think I was compensating to try and get lower again.
It felt hard at 90kg below that it was OK.

That’s absolutely fine mate, you can stick with the runners. Like I said, the feet will correct over time

All the more reason to stick with it

It’s the most efficient way to help you learn efficient technique and learn to understand where your body is in space. It also forms part of something called a Triphasic progression (eccentric → isometric → concentric) which is very effective to develop the explosive strength required to catch a deep clean or snatch and rebound out of it.

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Thanks for the input . I am going to hit the hay now. It’s been a long day. I am doing twice a days at the moment. It works though as the loads are not high just yet.

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You shouldn’t require any particular weight to rack the bar, otherwise it just means you’re using the weight to artificially force you into position, which is how injuries happen.

I was just trying to figure out exactly what you’re doing each week, not necessarily saying you “have to” add or change whatever.

Dude, that’s way too heavy, as usual. Especially coming off a wrist injury, you want strict, lighter, and higher rep.

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I’ll stick to the 20kg dB for now then. My wrist feels fine though. Thanks for the feedback and kind comments.

Yesterday evening more wrist curls and pronations.
Calf raises and stretches
Did some shopping protein bars low sugar
Fruit nuts
Bccas and protein shakes.
Enough to last a good few weeks

MONDAY - FRONT SQUATS - slow descent . I wore my squatting shoes, as the weights are light and my feet seem to be improving. Much narrower stance.
60 x 3, 80 x2 , 70 x 3 , 80x 2 , 90 x3 ( just pauses ).
plus ZERCHER SQUATS up to 140kg good depth I think slightly narrower stance.
Failed on 182.5kg but felt tired. . Stupid I know.
I will add videos soon.
BENCH PRESS 100 x 8 100 x 5 100x 5 130 XX fail not close either

Going back for an evening session to do core work and feet and wrist rehab.

Did power snatches for sets of 3 with 50kg .
4 to 5 sets.
Did muscle snatches with 35 and 40kg. I used the ladies bar as it was readily available

Felt easy.
60kg was impossible today though.

That’s all I did in the gym this morning.

Missed evening session knackered overslept.

Wednesday morning bench press 100 X 8, ,7,6,4

What’s you’re overall training program looking like?

2 days front squat AM CLEAN PULLS PM

How long does that take you to get through? What are your bench accessories?

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I don’t do any bench accessories, paused bench maybe. The squats are time consuming for me. With the foot and wrist rehab about an hour to an hour and a half. I plan on doing barbell back extensions as the main core move.