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Decimation Food Log

Friday - had a lot of food no sugary stuff though, some chips
bad day at gym failed on 130kg and then 100kg after stripping the weight
Saturday- kettlebell BUP 28kg x 6 PB
High pulls 110, 120 , 130 x3 condensed rest period to very little , as I was training my mum and she wanted to go home.

ate a cake today , cheese on toast and a protein bar so far. Cake was bought for me.

Front squats 120 x2 130 x 1 142.5 fail.
120 x2 couldn’t get another rep.

mango protein smoothie
1 protein bar
sweet sour pork and egg fried rice
cheese and potatoe pie
1 diet dr pepper
1 diet coca cola

1 protein bar
jerk chicken and peppers and egg fried rick and beans
shepherd’s pie and vegetables
2 small mocha coffees
2 beef burgers

Front squats - 60, 100 x3 110 x3 belt 120 x3 easier than last time
130 x 2 not far away from going for the third rep
High pulls 110x 3 120 x 3 130 x3 140 x 3 kg not the best but tired after squat
Kettlebell BUP tired left arm 10kg x 5 rights x5 16kg x 1 l 16kg x 5
Glute ham raises bw x8 x5

1 protein bar , 1 bowl of mini shredded weet
thai green chicken curry
1 turkey sandwich , protein bar and a pint of milk
1 portion of lasagne

Workout AM
front squat
60 , 80 , 100 x3 no belt
110 x 3 belt
130 x2 with belt and shoes
nearly went for third rep

high pulls - low clean pulls to navel
130 x 3 130 x 3 140 x3 150 x 3 150 x 3
Glute ham raises 6 reps , 4 reps bw
Kettlebell BUP press
10kg l 10kg r 16 kg l x 3 16kg x 10 r 20kg l x 2 20kg x6 , 28kg x 5 r
Cheat dumbbell row right 13 reps 75kg .
Working on rate of force development

Getting fitter as I managed to add the high pulls.
Back off week next week

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Front squats 60, 80. 100 , 110 x3 130 x3 struggled though. PB recently
Low clean pulls 130 x3 130 x3 140 x 3 160 x 3
Glute ham raises - bw 9 bw6 , bw 5 .
Kettlbell BUP light . managed 1 28kg on right tired.

Food - chorizo and chicken sandwich , protein bar , banana
lunch - chicken burger and chips
sausage roll
shit diet today.

Two rest days.
Sunday workour Front squat- 60 x3 , 80 x 3, 90 x 3 100 x 3 110 x3 120 x3 felt easy 132.5 x1 couldn’t get another rep.
Hopefully, it will feel easier tomorrow at the gym. I have reinstated my garden powerrack , so I used that today.

Just finished reading Never Gymless about bw and minimalist equipment training. Anything by Ross is excellent. I am considering supplementing my front squat , glute ham raises and high pulls with a lot of bw strength and conditioning work. I would also like to get the facility to do glute ham raises at home. I am becoming fairly proficient at the gym I can 9 with bw, so it’s time to try out the natural glute ham raise (which is significantly harder).

Got a tiny bit of knee pain after one workout. Had another workout today.
1`32.5kg x2 for top set other sets fairly easy belt no shoes.

Transitioning to an organic diet.
Eat two farm eggs and some organic bread
ate a potato
sandwich bread and cheese and tomatoes.+
non-organic chopped carrots.
cheese sandwich

Bought a power twister very difficult ihuniu. I may get back into some steel bending.

Cheese on tost organic bread and cheese

Front squats 30, 60 , 80 , 100 x3 no belt
110 x3 easy 120 x3 fairly easy 132.5 x2 went for third rep and missed first two moderately difficult 7-8rpe

cheat closed my power twister 80kg from ihunui in china. Very difficult indeed. It jars your my elbows even when I release it as slowly as possible. I think it would have some serious carryover for long bar bending , probably even short bar bending.

Going shopping for organic food.

Front squats - 60,.80, 90 ,110x3, 132.5 x2 missed third rep good deep reps including failed rep.
Got an exertion headache a little so stopped.
Glute ham raises bw x 9 3/4 failed last rep for 10, 6, tried a 20kg plate but failed.

ate organic food no cheating.

Chin ups and powertwister yesterday,

Sunday- high pulls , -high to chest 70 , 100, 110 , 120 130 x3 140 just missed
160kg low clean pulls
Glute ham raises - 10 reps ( abit of a struggle for 10), 4

1 hour later squats
60kg x 3 , 80 x 3 90 x 3 100 x 3 , 110 x3 120 x2 failed last rep.

A bit tired .

Monday - rest day- I can feel my abs and lower back are fried. Not injured just tired.
Tuesday- bar , 60 x 3 , 80 x3 ,. 110 x 0 quit lower back and abs still fried.
The weekend seems to have take a lot out of me.

Saturday front squats
130x1 warms went ok coming back from ab and back strain

Tuesday - front squats - 60., 80,. 90, 100 sans belt
110 x3 120 x2 could have struggled for the third rep
132.5 x1
137.5 x1 RPE 7

Still struggling to come back after the deload week. Shoulder is playing up too.

Chinups 1set of 3 several sets of 2 throughout the morning.

Will hit the gym later for some kettlebells and glute ham raises.
be down to 110kg 17 stone 3 stripped in the morning

AM - High pulls on powerlifting bar (only bar available) 30, 90x 3 110 x3 grip is a big issue
with straps 140 x2 x3 x3 150 x 3 to sternum 160 x3 a bit lower 170 x 3 a bit lower than sternum .

Glute ham raises 12 bw reps 1 set . Didn’t have time to do more had to go to work.

Diet -oatmeal with protein powder
2 protein bars

apple , banana, orange 2 tuna sandwiches with organic bread.
2 lamb burgers with organic bread
some 2 rashers of bacon.
Legs were too sore to squat fully , so I did some heavy partials

up 220kg front squat walks surprisingly not that hard wore a belt though
lowered the bars to just above parallel ( I think so anyway) 170kg for 1 rep max).
tried 180kg but felt twinge in abs and couldn’t lift it.

I don’t plan on lifting like this that often. Another Epsom salt bath planned for tonight.

Diet - oatmeal with protein powder

rest day Friday- did 7 lorry loads in work though.

Saturday - Front Squat 0 60 , 80 , 100, 110 x 3 120 x1 had to quit
chinups sets of 3 5 or 6 sets through out day,
going to use power twisters too.

down to 109kg stripped in the morning.

Sunday - no squats yet.
High pulls went badly no straps chalk 50kg x3 , 70 x3 100 x2
grip is still lousy 29mm bar/small hands

High pulls. 140 x 3 all lower than they needed to be
150 x 2
Deadlift 180kg x 1 easy 6/7 rpe
200kg x 1 8 rpe

Glute ham raises leg cramped a bit bw 12 reps well 12 1/2

                                                 10kg x 4 reps
                                                 10kg x 4 reps

a few chin ups at home and on neutral bars at gym

cheat 1 arm row 75kg with strap 15 reps sloppy form(a bit of body English) but it still gets the heart rate up.

Tuesday - chin ups 10 sets of 2 weigh 17 stone now. 1 set of 4 .

Squat - 60, 80 x1 gave up(in garden)

IN gym high pulls with 100kg 4set of 3
shrugs deliberate form 100kg , 140 kg , 170 kg x5 .

Kettlebell BUP 1 rep with 28kg x 3

Didn’t go well. But it’s a start.

I am eating good bacteria(plish cabbage (kapusta) and a broadly organic diet , losing 1 kg per week.

down to 16 12 ,

Diet slipped a bit this week but I have losing a kg per week.
Strained back doing front squat isoholds up to 230kg in a high rack.

Started working on the deadlift did 160kg x5 (x 2).

Building a bar (top squat bar from scaffolding again) to do back squats (as I can’t hold a bar easily). Then I will alternate back squats and front squats. Planning on dropping a kg a week.
Will return to organic diet.

spent a week of annual leave away, went to gym.
Deadlift 170kg x5 for 2 sets sans belt . I used an Ivanko bar too.
I picked up a throat infection.

Thursday to Monday recovery - deadlifted again on Monday 180 x5 kg with belt top set got ugly a bit. Could have got 6 .

PR 16 reps glute ham raise not much warm up.
+10 reps did these fresh as all the platforms were occupied.

Okay here goes . I am looking to make myself more accountable with diet and exercise.
I am still overweight. I did go down to 16 stone 7 but gained in the last six months.

I am trying to build up a large front squat . It always seems to get interrupted. My zercher attempts were out of frustration with lack of front squat progress. It’s only been a few weeks so I am hopeful. I don’t use a belt anymore , but i am looking into adding it when necessary.

Any dialogue is appreciated. My workouts are much more laid back these days. I could not cope with 5 to 6 days a week in my forties with other commitments.

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