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Decimation Food Log


Saturday - Paralette dips , 7 , 7 , 5 , 4 , 3 (big improvement from last week)
4 sets of 10 parelettes pushups with a chair. 3 point pushup.

10 mins vibration plate programm 5 . Squat position.
10 mins more in recovery mode.


Finally got used to the work load in my job. Managed to secure another position in the same company as a lorry loader which is less physically taxing. Unfortunately I have injured my shoulder falling over in the snow. I exacerbated it yesterday ( it was on the mend) closing a tight strap.

I have joined a new gym which is close to my daily commute. I have reached some mini-goals like bottoms up pressing a 32kg kettlebell . I am quite happy about this. I think I can manage a 36kg but they don’t have one. Doing cut down workouts .
Like double kettlebell swings (outside the legs) which are surprisingly taxing, not as taxing as the 55kg concrete bucket but still brutal.
I am thinking of buying some 40kg kettlebells (and a 36kg for the BUP) once I have built some volume on the double swings . Currently doing 36kg x 3 x10 ) until I hurt my shoulder.


Some 1 armed work - Kettlebell warm up BUP, 16kgx 10 24kg x3 28 x 2 32kg fail close though.
1 arm swings x 10 with right arm with each kettlebell
Leg press
Glute ham raises x 4 bw 1 set . Don’t want to be sore tomorrow for work
Dumbell deadlifts 60 x 5 75kg x 5 a few holds with the 60kg weak grip still as I rely on straps too much
1 arm horizontal row on machine, decent enough machine,
5 mins treadmill


Kettlebell swings at least 10 with 10kg , 16kg , 24kg , 28kg , 32kg .
BUP 10 x 10 16kg x 10 24 x 3 ,28kg x2 32kg x1 got close to 2 reps.
Kettlebell curls.

Glute ham raises bw x 5 x3 legs fatigued from this.
Bike 5 mins , treadmill 5 mins.
leg press
hamstring curls.
punchbag briefly right hands.


yesterday- kettlebell BUP. front squat to 100kg x 3


Front squat - lots of warm ups
30kgx 3. 40 , 50 , 60, 70, 80 , 90 , 100 all times 3 -, 110 x1 , 120 fail.
legs are quite sore from glute ham raises , yesterday and work.

New role at work will probably allow me to train successfully again.


Day off yesterday
Sunday FS- 30, 40 , 50 , 60 , 70, 80 , 90 x 3
100x3 added belt 110 x3
120 single easy banged the bars too but got it
130 missed banged the bars
Hopefully it will go back up fairly quickly looking at a month or so.

I need to strengthe my lowerback again.
Glute ham raises first set of 5 moderately difficult
second set of 5 very difficult

Cheat supported with strap right hand dumbbell row 75kg x 5 75kg x 8 75kg x 7.
(Dumbbell is a ridiculous size)
Managed a one arm deadlift (very thick hand getting on for 2 inches )

MIssed kettlebell BUP wiuth 32kg .

Tomorrow - I will do Front Squats and Kettlebell BUP.


Front squat top set 115 x3
120kg x 1
125kg fail

Kettlebell BUP - 16kg x5 , 24kg x 3 20 kg x4 28kg x3 PB
had some fails too made 32kg x1 into sntach position no press.


Front squat 0 117.5 x2 missed third rep
125kg x1 fairly easy with belt
130kg miss would have got it but for 125kg rep

Making daily progress so can’t complain
Used kettlebells BUP press on 16, 20, 24, 28kg no PBs

Hopefully front squat will keep going up rapidly . I am just starting to get a feel for the slightly heavy lifts re breathing again.


Thursday 26.4.2018
Front squat up to 110kg x 3
125kg x 1
130kg x1
135kg FAIL /MISS

Glute ham raises bw 6, 6
Heavy cheat dumbbell row right arm 75kg x 8 x 3
BUP kettlebell press 16kg x 5, x5 24kg x 2


Friday - rest day
Saturday- 70 x 3 80 x 3 90 x 3 100 x 3 ,
belt with 110 x3 paused at bottom
1175.kg x1 hit rack and messed up attempt
117.5kg tried again x1
135kg MISS at bottom

BUP Kettlebell press 24kg x 3
28kg x3 just missed 4th rep.

Glute ham raises 3sets of 6 some forced reps
not a good day today.
It’s often the way after a day off though.


Hey man. I noticed you stopped logging your food. Honestly I think that’s where you still need the most work. I would like to see you continue logging that and slowing improbing your diet.


Thanks I’ll do that. Any tips are most welcome.


Front squats up to 110 x3 kg easy missed 135kg held at bottom for a few secs.
High pulls - 90 x3 , 100 x 3 110 x3 120 x3 130x3 140 x 2 all too chest
150 x2 lower than sternum
Glute ham raises with bw 7, 6 , 5

Today so far 1 and half protein bars ., low sugar low fat.
Will go to gym before work . More font squats


Diet has slipped a bit in the last days. Find myself eating treats after work late at night.
Workouts are a mixed bunch
Front squats last two days. Made a mini PB 120 kg x 3 and 135kg x1 today. Failed 140kg
It’s going up every few days now.
Kettlebell BUP yesterday five reps with the 28kg.
I am using the lighter kettlebells for higher reps and it seems to be working.
I did some high pulls to chest up to 140kg and failed on 150kg .
Failed a deadlift with 200kg . I used to have a PB of 240kg so it’s gone down a lot. At the momen I am more concerned with my front squat going up.


Made 140kg on Friday in Front Squat.


managed 125 x3 on top set of front squats. Too tired to do many glute ham raises so quit.
Failed 142.5kg x1 at bottom of squat. Couldn’t be bothered to wear my squat shoes today.
Did a lot of warming up with the bar then adding 10kg for every 3 reps.

Kettlebell BUP top set 28kg x 5 . Possibly could have got 6 if I moved it a bit straighter.

Well here goes FOOD LOG
2 Weetabix with milk
2 high protein bars.
1 chocolate ice-cream (cornetto). (bad I know it’s the hottest bank holiday of the year here ) not good though.
3 pieces of cheese on toast.

chicken curry to come. for the most part of cut out pommes-frites.
chicken curry with small amount of pommes frites

a few ciders.

I am slipping into some bad habits but for the most part I have cut out the junk during the week.
I have been away on the weekend. I eat two meals during work as I do a 2pm-10-m shift.
I am down from 18 stone 10 to 17 1/2 stone. I do look a bit thinner too.


3 protein bars
chicken wrap with sweetcorn and new potatoes
chicken wrap with chips (not many)
2 pieces of toast with cheese.
1 diet Fanta
1 diet cola

GYM - Front squats finished with 120kg x3 dominated wweight
130 x1 difficult but doable didn’t get 2 reps though
warmed up by adding 10kg x 3 up to 130kg which was where I failed to get 3 reps.
I didn’t have access to 127.5 without being a bit of a jackass.

Kettlebell BUP - 16kg - managed 1 on 28kg
too tired for glute ham raises

Lorry loading or work up 250kg cages - easier than sounds , as they are on wheels. I was too tired on Friday so I am cutting back to just Front squats and not 1 rep maxing the squat either.
The programm does work well with no commitments and taking lots of supplements
with lots of sleep. None of which I am doing now. I will add creatine soon.that has a big effect on me.


1 protein bar and 2 small pieces of cheesecake
beef madras with rice
southern fried chicken with a few chips and vegetables
protein shake
2 slices of banana cake with custard.

This is bad lol. Eat like crap at home , but too badly in work.

FRONT SQUATS 110 x 3 120 x 3 difficult 130 x1 dominated weight completely.
142.5kg FAIL went just a bit too low. held pause for a few seconds
warm up 5 20 , 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 x 3

Kettlebell BUP 16kg x 5 28kg x 2 28kg x 1
quit no good today,
Glute ham raises bw 8 , 8, 5,
(quite happy with these)
75kg cheat DB rows x12 right hand
Grip work picked 75kg dumbbell for a deadlift.


Yesterday front squats - up 130kg x 2 failed 142.5kg tired though probably as had to condense workout as I was late.

Kettle BUP - didn’t go well . I will have go out it on the weekend . I am so tired after squatting so I can’t devote enough energy to them

ate some chips with chilli con carne, a burger with onion and a bun, 2 chicken with peri peri sandwiches.