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Decimation Food Log


Saturday - Paralette dips , 7 , 7 , 5 , 4 , 3 (big improvement from last week)
4 sets of 10 parelettes pushups with a chair. 3 point pushup.

10 mins vibration plate programm 5 . Squat position.
10 mins more in recovery mode.


Finally got used to the work load in my job. Managed to secure another position in the same company as a lorry loader which is less physically taxing. Unfortunately I have injured my shoulder falling over in the snow. I exacerbated it yesterday ( it was on the mend) closing a tight strap.

I have joined a new gym which is close to my daily commute. I have reached some mini-goals like bottoms up pressing a 32kg kettlebell . I am quite happy about this. I think I can manage a 36kg but they don’t have one. Doing cut down workouts .
Like double kettlebell swings (outside the legs) which are surprisingly taxing, not as taxing as the 55kg concrete bucket but still brutal.
I am thinking of buying some 40kg kettlebells (and a 36kg for the BUP) once I have built some volume on the double swings . Currently doing 36kg x 3 x10 ) until I hurt my shoulder.


Some 1 armed work - Kettlebell warm up BUP, 16kgx 10 24kg x3 28 x 2 32kg fail close though.
1 arm swings x 10 with right arm with each kettlebell
Leg press
Glute ham raises x 4 bw 1 set . Don’t want to be sore tomorrow for work
Dumbell deadlifts 60 x 5 75kg x 5 a few holds with the 60kg weak grip still as I rely on straps too much
1 arm horizontal row on machine, decent enough machine,
5 mins treadmill


Kettlebell swings at least 10 with 10kg , 16kg , 24kg , 28kg , 32kg .
BUP 10 x 10 16kg x 10 24 x 3 ,28kg x2 32kg x1 got close to 2 reps.
Kettlebell curls.

Glute ham raises bw x 5 x3 legs fatigued from this.
Bike 5 mins , treadmill 5 mins.
leg press
hamstring curls.
punchbag briefly right hands.


yesterday- kettlebell BUP. front squat to 100kg x 3


Front squat - lots of warm ups
30kgx 3. 40 , 50 , 60, 70, 80 , 90 , 100 all times 3 -, 110 x1 , 120 fail.
legs are quite sore from glute ham raises , yesterday and work.

New role at work will probably allow me to train successfully again.