Decimation Food Log

Porridge with cinnamon
Decaf coffee
Minced meat spag boll sauce rice mixed vegetables mix
Cherry herbal tea

Rhubarbe mixed in with apple and cinnamon
Chicken sandwich

Tuna and mixed vegetables

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Mixed vegetables
Chicken sandwich tandoori

1 organic plum from friend’s garden
1 banana
1 decaf coffee

Spag vol mince meat with rice
Organic apple slices with cinnamon


Cleans 32 X 5
Fails 38 , 36
30 press X 5

Front squats 60 , 80 , 90 , 100 fail

Very bad session today. Not entirely sure why.

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With blueberries

MC spicy chicken sandwich - travelling bad planning.


Decaf coffee

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Back at it.

Am session
Didn’t go too well but gym has some new equipment

Chest supported row. Real nice feels a bit harder than the last one I used but that was 15 years ago.
Upper weight 140 kg - will keep me going for very long time lol.
pendulum squat - not used it yet - looks nice

Reverse hyper - had a little go but it is very high. Upper weight is 100 kg
Used about 10kg difficult to jump up . Weight very easy of course position uncomfortable


dB cleans X 5 32 kg
Few missed 36, even 34
Under a bit of stress
1 arm 40 kg X 6 Pb

Changed to chest supported row
20 ,40 ,60 X 10. ,80 X 8 , 100 X 2

Could not do more not used one on about 15 years though.
Will use weekly.

Might try tomorrow. Tomorrow should be front squats.

Potato waffles plus cheese breakfast
Cheese on sourdough bread
3 decaf coffee

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Baked bean omelette
Some chocolate

4 plums organic from friend’s garden

Chickpea curry and rice and mixed vegetables

Plus onion bhargies

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Cottage pie

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Found my Samsung watch after a few months of looking for it. Next to the potato hopper.

Picked up a cold and cough.

Got some organic produce from friend’s and relatives gardens.plums , apples , tomatoes , potatoes
Mint plant.

Will get stricter with diet .

Today porridge with custard flavour zero sugar

Cheese sandwiches

Dal and rice

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My Olympic bar got stolen from my garden. Frustrating plus ladders

Did a short gym workout
DBs and lbs
Double clean and press 20 kg X 10
32 kg X 1
Right hand 40 kg X 5

kB 24 kg double X 10
28 kg X 6
24 kg X 6

Powertwister 90 gold X 2
60 black giant sets of a minute 3 sets
Earlier in day

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dB clean press
30 kg 6 ,7
Cleans 30 , 32 ,34
36 , 36 s near fail
kB 24 kgs X 10

Single dumbbell 40 kg right X 6 missed 7 with a lot of bend for 6 and 7

Few bicep curls.
Will be a long road back for my press

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Bit sore today in triceps.
Been taking up old vinyl flooring for a new kitchen with a floor scraper. Wall paper steamer was a game changer.

Diet improved slightly eating less.

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Did another Powertwister workout 90 gold X 3.

Next day . Physical job lots of walking deep squatting. Mail room, picking up lots of light 10, 20 kg parcels.

Cardio easy 10 mins cross trainer,
Ski trainer 10 mins

Will build cardio base while improving clean and press.
Diet a bit better cutting out obvious junk.


Just tried managed 4 reps this evening with 90 gold Powertwister.

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Hit 5 reps on Powertwister 90 gold . Will get 6 soon .

Hit bro workout too tired for shoulder presses

Curls 14,16,18 10 reps per side . 20 kg six reps per side.
Don’t normally do curls. But will now with wrist curls to prepare for next level.

Bench press incline 70 kg X 7,10
Flat 100 X 7 , 70 2 sets to near failure.

Eating a fair bit less now, less rubbish
New job is physical too. Mail room


What’s up man? It’s good to see you posting again. And good to see you doing curls, and wrist curls to prepare for more curls!

I was doing some DB and KB cleans the other day, and my arms were For Sure the weak link. And I figured if I was trying to clean really heavy DBs, I would need way stronger biceps and forearms. I thought of you, and I even thought about tracking you down to talk about it.

Then I looked, and saw you were doing the curls already! Weird!

Anyway, I like your plan.

Dankeschön. Thanks. I need to do prehab in case I get injured bending the harder Powertwister. I have not bought it yet. I got two injuries, a bad wrist injury along with my forearm and bad bicep tendonitis near the shoulder joint . I have recovered now.
I have not been training for a few months due to illness in the family .

Are you still practicing your English daily. It is really good now.

Are you still doing strongman?

Ich sollte mein Deutsch verbessern, ich bin aber zu faul. Es gibt coole Federn in Deutschland, die man biegen kann. Sie sind die chinesischen Federn verschieden .

I hope you can understand my German. It needs a lot to be desired.

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Wrist pronations and supinations are good for injury prevention. That’s how I moved to next Powertwister level safely. It is a wrist-centric movement.

We can discuss training any time. Cleaning to two dumbbells at the same time is difficult.
I do it strictly hold the DBs by my side.
Some people hold them out in front of themselves, as if they were doing a kettlebell double clean. I have not got the hang of that yet. Others still cheat the dumbbells up with their knees to jerk or press heavier dumbbells than they can clean. I have not tried that yet.

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Been eating less.will weigh soon.

Powertwister Pb 90 gold itta haoying X 7 reps. Want to hit 10 before moving to 100 gold.

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