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Decimation Food Log

A bit sore but not overly so. I have been taking it easy. The first workout back was hard and I have lost a lot of strength. It does get me down a bit that my high high pull is down to around 130 kg now from 170kg well for 1 anyway. Bench has taken a big hit too. Press is about the same given a workout or two.

I lack the flexibility to that exercise with anything but 10kg or maybe 15kg . I have about 6 square feet too.
But I could still lunge.

Do you keep a log too? How’s your lifting going?

2weetabixes cup of tea 1 peach
(cheese on toast and a granola bar) - I know.
1 cup of coffee will cook something healthy later.
quinoa half the saucepan 1 cup of quinoa and salsa sauce and peppers
small bowl of vegetables
a handful of chocolate peanuts
salmon , air fried chips and peas

2 weetabixes and milk
1 cup of coffee
1 bowl of vegetables with 1 bowl of quinoa about a cup and a half.
4 pieces of cheese on toast

More quinine and mediterrean tuna mix
vanilla Protein shake with cinnamon
half a bakewell tart

2 weetabixes with milk and a vanilla protein shake with cinnamon
Built power rack from scaffolding very strong very safe
3 /4 of a small bakewell tart
veggie burger with a plate of vegetables sunday roast.
Four or five sets of deep squats with 135

Apple pie with custard 1 piece. I am slipping a bit.

2 pieces of toast and a very small amount of cheese
1 cup of coffee

will try to upload a photo.

2 weetabixes
1 bowl of sweet potato soup
1 cup of coffee
walk around town bought some more paint and did some food shopping
have some tofu and more quorn pieces for weekly fajitas

2 cheese and onion pasties. 1 bowl of sweet potato soup

painted two 20kg plates with hammerite.
a small amount of beans
2 glasses of rhubarb gin with lemonade.

Will cut out more crap tomorrow.

2 pieces of cheese on toast.

2 weetabixes with milk
Protein shake

3 sets of ten with deep squats 60 kg . Feel weak will get stronger

plate of sweet potato soup.
I think that stuff is going through me though.
3 hours later clean and press 60kg x 8 PB (recent PB anyway).
tried 70kg couldn’ do it . Feeling under the weather today.

had a cheese sandwich earlier.
plate of frozen vegetable mix and tinned mackerel.
and a vanilla protein shake

Workout at gym it’s raining here.

Deadlift (didn’t feel up for high pulls)
60 x 10 110 x 3 130 x 3 160 x 1 210 x 1
220 FAIL probably could have battled it.
would have got 220 if I didn’t pull 210.
Another couple of weeks and my strength should be similar to what was 240kg Deadlift.
Bar also was not the good IWF approved bar.

Bench 60 x 10 80 x 6-7 60 x 10

Shrugs - 60 x5 100 x 5 140kg x 5 180x 5 220 x 3
Kettlebell 20kg BUP 10 reps on right arm PB
managed 1 on left arm

Nice little homemade setup you have there!

This is what you need to make sure to follow up on. Being a bit better with nutrition and training each day moving forward. Make it a habit and it will become easier and easier to follow through with.

I have bands also a kettlebell, a 20kg clubbell and a punchbag if I can risk in the weather. I am thinking of buying some rubber plates but they would have to be stored inside.

2 Weetabix with milk and a vanilla protein shake.
rice , 1 veggie burge with beans and a vegetarian sausage.
will eat a plate of vegetables later
4 pieces of toast omellete and cheese.and butter
1 carrot
a small piece of shortbread
more 2 weetabixes with milk

ordered a set of Olympic Coloured Bumper Plates. Still have an old bar but 170kg should be enough for me or I can mix and match plates with steel ones.

1 cup of coffee got back form airport .
so had a sandwich there.(feta cheese and rocket salad)
Plates arrived today. They are coloured and pretty decent. They are cheap plates so they are quite wide . They also have a proper metal insert. I will have to mix and match with iron plates to deadlift.
Looking to bar a new bar. Werksan supplier is actually fairly close to me .

Morrocan rice 1 cup and fake chicken pieces .

more morocan rice with tin of sardines.

Will try adding the supplements soon.

60kg x12 x 5 DEEP SQUATS
some of the rest periods were short go disturbed.
The collars will only just go on the bar with a lot of effort. I don’t really want to use the scaffolding for fear of damaging , scratching the rubber plate. I am thinking put a small metal plate alongside. Probaby use 70-80kg next time depending on recovery.

power snatch 40kg x5 40 x 5 40x3 50 x 5 50 x 5
Done with about 1min -1.30s pauses.
Old bar worked nicely with the snatches.

Press with 50kg x10

Bike 10-15mins slow.

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It would likely be in your best interest to cut out these 4 pieces of toast here and add an extra egg or two if you need the additional satiety.

tisk, tisk, these “little” cheats are happening too regularly for you at your bodyweight. Once you get leaned out you have earned the right to cheat, but for now buckle down!

This will likely be plenty to be able to kick your own ass with! Make sure your time working out is done with 100% effort and keep the intensity up and rest periods down. If your main goal is fat loss, keep your rest periods short and consider supersetting/giant setting movements.

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Thanks for the kind words. I am starting to cook more, which is good .I just did basmati rice with Morrocan mix and turmeric with quorn fake chicken pieces.
I am getting better at cutting out the crap gradually.
I can actually get 230kg on the bar with mixed plates If I buy another set of 20kg steel plates I can get 250kg. I also have bands to get the resistance up . I am hoping to be able to use it in the garage in the winter. I need to get some horse mats and ply sheets to make a platform. To be fair as I have not squatted in a while even the light weights are kicking my ass. I have noticed the rack is the wrong round too as you need fall straight back should you fail.

I am starting to price barbells but they are expensive in the UK. I may just get a York utility bar for about 100lb . I can use the bar I have been given for squats and rack pulls. I got a price on a Werksan (Chinese competition bar) for £480 perhaps $1000 . That’s quite a good price compared to Eleiko. But they also offer bars for about £500 if they are in stock.

I don’t like cutting the rest perioid down on squats , as I worry about them at the best of times . I can do that on the other exercises though.

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You should never be failing on squats. I’ve been working out alone for ~2.5 years and I can’t remember the last time (if any) I’ve failed a squat rep. That’s not bragging, that’s being experienced enough to know what your body can handle.

If you’re ever worried about failing a rep of a squat, you’re going too heavy. I’m not saying go super light or that the squats should be easy, but you should not be afraid of dumping a squat because your rest periods are too short. In a time where you’re working in a calorie deficit you’d be better off dropping some of the weight on the bar and focusing on condensing your work.

Don’t try to focus on strength gains AND fat loss. Push your workouts hard, but realize that strength gains will need to take the backburner if fat loss is your main goal (which, given your height and weight, should be).

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Cheers lol going to workout now.

Friday 11/8
MEAL 1 2 Weetabix and 1 vanilla protein shake with a handful of blackberries.
MEAL 2Salmon, air fried pommes frites and baked beans,
1 cup of tea
MEAL 3 2 white bread toasted with peanut butter
MEAL 4 plate of vegetables and quorn chicken bits.
1 cup of coffee/

2 Weetabix with milk and a vanilla protein shake.
plate of vegetables and quorn chicken with condiments
4 pieces of toast with peanut butter not good I know but it stopped me eating other crap
1 glass of milk
One icecream
small cheese sandwich
beans and fish fingers.

Did some work restoring barbell.
Deadlifts - 50 x 3 , 90 x3 , 90 x3 130 x3 150 x1 170 x1 220 couldn’t budge it.
Will repeat workout at a gym tomorrow.Grass is uneven so couldn’t get bar straight.

MEAL 1 2 WEETABIX with milk and chocolate protein shake with a handful of blackberries .
added glutamine and creatine to shake.
120 calories for the shake without the blackberries.
178 calories in 2 Weetabix with milk (while at least the main brand anyway which I don’t eat)

MEAL 2 3 slices of meat feast pizza damn will get back on track.
apparently pizza is about 250calroes a piece so I only eaten 1000calories today.

WORKOUT interrupted. bar, 30kg x5, 40kgx5 , 50kgx5 muscle snatch PS 60 x1

Moved light blocks back and forth.too tired to continue.

MEAL 3 pasta and sardines.

MEAL 1 Weetabix with milk 200
MEAL 2 1 joghurt low fat no sugar 200
MEAL 3 2 beef sandwiches 500
MEAL 4 protein shake
Meal 5 mediterrean vegetable mix and veggie sausages and a glass of rhubarb gin

Don’t forget about veggies! You’re vegetarian and I’m eating a helluva lot more veggies than you.

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I’ll get a meal with some more more veggies in. I ordered some horse stall mats for my platform today too. Unfortunatley I have got the flu. I went to start training but wasn’t digging it. I feel like I am eating so much it is making me ill. I realise it is not as many calories though.