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Decimation Food Log

Thursday - squats front squat slow descent

Monday morning - slow front squats
5 sets mostly 90kg X 3 . Better depth but feeling the fatigue even with the lighter weights.

Did a few singlesFS 110 x1 , 120kg X 1
Zercher 100kg x5 compensation kicked in after 3rd rep.
Failed 140kg Zercher. It would normally be very comfortable.

Will add a few videos comments welcome.
Obviously they are fairly similar to the last ones.
Thank you to all those who given their input.

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Switched back to once a day due to outside pressure and a bit of fatigue.

Bench 100 X 8 100 X 8 100x5

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Rest day hard day at work night before plus squattin is tomorrow morning.

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Front squats 60kg X 3. 80kg X 3 100 X3 90x3 100 X1 110 X 1 120 X1 130 fail. Felt very tired from work no slow descents but worked on depth.all narrow stance.

95 kg X 3 100 X 3 125 fail

Some double overhand deadlifts.
70 ,100 ,140,
162.5 fail got 3/4 of way up
162.5 fail same

Will switch back to slow descents next session. May add a weekend session

Sorry about quality of last video

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Friday morning bench press 100 x9 110 X2 130 very narrow fail slight finger on bar from spotter. I did struggle though
100 X 9 100 X2 gave up

Few sets of toe raises for foot

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Nike savelos for my birthday. Old do-wins were chewed by mice lol. €80.

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Front squats
Triples 60, 80 , 90 ,100 , 110 was challenging .
Singles 130kg to parallel or a bit below imo
140 fail.
0n the the 130kg the bar was starting to roll off my shoulders. That’s why I didn’t like the straps before . No need for singles really though
Plus 90 kg X 3 95kg X 3 115kg X1 was meant to be 3.

Strict muscle snatched 40kg X 3 two sets
50kg X 3 two sets

Ballistic bench two sets of 8 40kg

Front squat slowly going up with improved depth. Perceived effort is higher for weights though.

I will try and post 110 X 3 and 130kg X1 having some troubles muting the copyrighted music.

In hindsight I should have muted the microphone on the camera.

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Thursday morning workout
Tempo squats 90kg X 3 5 sets plus 80kg X 3 and 60kg X 3.
Tried to count 5 up and down but they were a bit quicker.
Tried a few singles 130 X 1 132.5 X1 felt they were a tiny bit high. Will slow down and check

135 fail

High pulls no straps 60kg
80kg 2 sets of 3
90kg X3

Grip work in rack hook grip 110kg
130 kg 180kg

Deadlift singles 180kg X 1 190kg X1 both easy 7 rpm
200kg X 1 8 rpm
210kg X 1 8 rpm
Sans belt

Failed 220kg off floor did break a bit.
Used a form alteration plus lifted in socks.
Shins perpendicular to bar helped off floor very much.
Will try again soon fresher.

Will add a few videos.

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Friday morning failed on 215kg deadlift off floor broke it slightly 212.5kg also fail. I will scale back to reps at 180kg

Sat rest watched no time to die James Bond

Sunday quick bench session- 60kg X 15
110kg x5
100 X 8
100 6 or 7
100 X 5

My strength always drops off if I do a difficult rep or especially set of 5.

Squats tomorrow. Stupidly did deadlifts earlier in week. Pleased with form correction though

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After 10 weeks got closer to closing my most difficult Powertwister haoying 90 kg. It was a real battle with 1kg assistance.

Front squats 100kv 3x 5

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Powertwister attempt getting ever closer to closing the Haoying 90 gold.


Felt beat up on tuesday so didn’t train.
I am addressing why I am so tired in training constantly. Obvioulsy
1.I train after the night shift
2. chasing too many rabbits reps deadlift max etc
maximal reps in general.
3. Lack of hard conditioning

I am going to try to train in the afternoon or evening before work.
Change back to the day shift
Quit doing some many 1 RM sessions and heavy singles.
Add some conditioning work which will be more important when my work detail changes.
Wednesday AM Bench 60kg x 15
110 x 5 ( could have done one more with spotter)
110 x 5
100 x 8
100x 6
115 x1 hard
102.5 x 6
Just clocking up the reps and making quick progress. I gained a rep on 110kg and also added a rep and set.

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Monday PM Powertwister
I finally closed it . I have been training for a year for it.

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PM front squats 3 X 5 at 102.5kg four back off sets 90 80 3x3.
Sets got worse as they went on.

Mobility work with band
Single leg calf raises for rehab plus able stretching.

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