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Deciding whether to keep getting stronger or do conditioning.

Hi folks.

I’m having a hard time deciding which path to choose. In a previous thread, I mentioned three goals that weren’t really gonna work together, at least simultaneously. The big thing, though, is the leg strength versus cardio part. I did some thinking a little bit and finally decided my true priority, which is to become competitive in amateur boxing. That’s my end goal, long term goal, before moving onto other things.

So I have the option of lifting heavy with squats and building up strength and muscle in my legs, or just go the other route of being cardio-focused and minimizing my heavy squats. For boxing, I need good cardio. I wanna know if it’s a better path to jump on cardio now as someone with weak legs and going all the way with it, or if it’s better to wait it out, build lots of leg strength AND THEN work on conditioning.

Which do you think is the better path?

I should also mention that I’m very fat, so losing weight is gonna part of it all. So diet is key too. But I’m only asking about training in this thread for the sake of boxing performance.

Thanks folks.

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