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Deciding on a Power Rack/Cage

I need help deciding between the following three power racks / half cages. I am interested in any and all comments, comparisons, tips, warnings, etc.

Price is an important consideration but quality is more important. I’m only an average lifter, but I do not want to have to replace the rack at any point in the future or deal with any wobbling. Above all, I want a solid piece of equipment. Thanks in advance for any help…

My three choices are as follows:

  1. Legend Fitness Pro Series Half Cage - not cheap, but the least expensive of the three by about $600.

  2. Hammer Strength Heavy Duty Power Rack - price unknown, but likely the most expensive of the three.

  3. Elitefts Collegiate Power Rack - very expensive but well-known for quality.

Hey man,
Im a sales manager for a company that sells high-end specialty fitness equipment.

I have sold and delt with the above 3 and out of those the quality and craftsmanship on the Hamerstrength and the Elitefts are barnon there great pieces of equipment and they will last longer then your house will…If price is a MAJOR issue and you dont want to sacrifice a ton of quality I would also try. http://www.bodysolid.com/Home/item.cfm?id=493

I have been selling BodySolid for almost 7yrs now and I have never had a problem with them…there entire gym comes with a lifetime warranty and if you buy online you could save a good chunk of change. They dont advertise much so you dont pay for the “name brand” they have all kinds of multi use racks, I just linked the 1st one I saw. If you have any questions feel free to contact me about it. Its what I do for a living bro.

Thanks for the help. So, if it were your decision, you would go with the cheaper of either the Elitefts or Hammer Strength, correct?

I’m also going to look closer at bodysolid. It’s always nice to save money, if you can do it without losing too much quality.

I’ll comment later on what I find regarding bodysolid.

Thanks again for your reply.