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Deciding on a Good Diet for Bulk

Hey guys, new to these forums. Im 19 and have been working out for about 7 months. Only understood wtf i should be doing over the last 2 months. But ive got a good workout routine now. Just want to make sure their arnt any places im going terribly wrong in. Im currently 6"5, little under 200lbs. If someone found fat on me id be very suprised. not sure of my bf% tho itd be low.

Ive got a very ripped body, just want to move ahead from that and gain bulk. My goal is 20 inch arms, 3.5 inches shy just to give u an idea of how much i have to improve. And yes i work legs, im not just building upper body as you would all assume.

15g creatine 30 mins before breakfast with a protein shake
As for my meals their all pretty std meals, meaning bowl of cereal for breaky, fruit and muesli bars for morning tea. Lunch usually 2 tuna sandwiches and an apple. 15g creatine 30 mins before dinner with protein shake which is straight after my workout. Dinner consists of pastas, stir fri, chiken meals, steak. What ever is on the menu from parents but its always very healthy food. Try to drink around 5l water a day

So my question is. Should i put my self on a much larger calerie diet. If so whats the easiest foods to do so. I dont have a long time to make breaky and lunch so must be basic. Sorry for being a large question but id really appriciate help. From aus by the way

Add Florida avocados, nuts/peanut butter, and whole milk to every meal. Are you taking fish and flaxseed oil?

So you’re taking 30g of creatine a day!? Its a big waste, you only need about 5g a day. Also you don’t mention anything about a bedtime snack, its a must if you’re looking to add weight.

Ive only been on creatine for about 5 days so im still on the loading up phase. then ill go down to about 12g a day. Is this not normal? What type of bedtime snack do you mean. Just a protein bar or something? Not on any fish oil at the moment.
Thanks for the advice, ill try get my hands on some of them oils. Just a question, how much money do you guys spend a year on supplements. And which supplements are essensial for big muscle growth.

load creatine for a week with 15 a day
then go to 10 a day (5 before workouts 5 after)
and make sure you cycle it or it wont do fuck all for ya after 6 weeks, (2 week cycles)

dont drink milk,
its full of estrogene, unless your trying to load your body with fat before a long bulking session, but since you said your bulking ill take that as the actuly carb cycle of bulking rather than a laymon term for just try to get big.

eggs, high density veggys, shit loads of meat,
other than that make sure your diets stable
then at half a grand of calories of whatever youu want, in all honesty as long as its not trans fat, any calories will do you nothing but good when trying to build muscle

personaly i spend about a grand a year, but thats pretty high,
every supplement out there will do you some good even if its no2(which is horse shit by the way, dont buy it)

your diets more important than anything, it doesnt even have to be written out, just eat well. supps wise
id start off from this list.

b-complexs (i take multi-men sport, which has both a multi-v
and a b complex)
a really good whey protein
then fish oil
then glutamin
then creatine
then supplement amion acids (i use amino 1000)
then gettinto test boosting
then steroids
then hgh

i dont use the last 3. but they will make you big as shit.

p.s dont start all at once or it will fuck with your guts like no other

Man, check out John Berardi’s Massive Eating.

footballer you think its a good idea to even take a b complex before working out even if you are taking a mulit with it? just curious

Well a good bedtime snack would be something with protein and some fat (to slow down digestion). A very popular one seems to be peanut butter and cottage cheese but you could also use whole eggs or PB and egg whites. Protein bars are usually not very good, they contain low quality protein and lots of carbs from fillers like corn syrup.

While there is no supplement ESSENTIAL for muscle growth, whey isolate is very practical and fairly inexpensive. Creatine also helps and it too is very cheap. Fish oil is a tad more expensive, but its worth it if you ask me. You could add a multivitamin, depending on how well you eat. Everything else, you DON’T need, you are better off saving you’re money and buying more food.

I would take most of footballers advice, but if you want to gain some weight if your REAL dedicated wake up in the middle of the night and take a protein shake or eat a high quality meal replacement bar, anything of your choice. Esp. if get 8 hours of sleep (unlike me) your body starts eating muscle. You usually want to eat every two hours, i eat every hour because i go hungry as hell if i dont.

[quote]footballer you think its a good idea to even take a b complex before working out even if you are taking a mulit with it? just curious

read deeper in man,
only take the complex if your muti -v doesnt have a full complex,
dont mistake that for just having vitamin b, that wont do it.

takeing 2 times as much b complex is dumb tho, you’ll just pee it out.

btw i agree with wild man, if your dedicated enough, take a carb load and a shake at 3 am

p.s unless you shell out the $$$ for a nutritionist,
you need a multi-v. you’ll always lack sumwhere

Thanks for that guys, much appreciated. Ebay here i come. Also how many of you guys drink as apposed to not drinking, alcohol ofcourse. My mate gave up alcohol cause of the effects it has with hydration and other important shit. But hes alot more keen in growing than i, so yea, how much harder does it make growing muscle.

…well, its a great source of carbs, it has like 3 times the calories of coke.

i dont drink, but thats because of its
“other effects”

but i wouldnt worry to much about it, unless your trying to cut fat,
then quit totaly

p.s after a bender, drink fuckloads of water