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Deciding If a Reset Is In Order?


I just finished cycle 28 which was a repeat of my TM from cycle 25. Even though I only own the first book I have been incorporating ideas from Beyond like 5 forward/3 back and the every sixth week deload. I also switch between BBB and FSL 5x5. On my press, BP & squat I was only able to get 2 reps on this last 1+ week. No real grinders but not exactly quick either. I feel I could go one or two more cycles before I couldn’t make minimum reps on those lifts but I’m wondering if I wouldn’t be better off resetting my TMs and adding in Jokers.

One weird thing I should mention is that even though I’m starting to struggle on the main 531 + sets I’m still killing my FSL work. For example, on BP night I got 2 reps at 290# but I had no problem getting 27 total reps of 230# all paused. My press and squat are very similar as far as the FSL sets go.


If you want optimal bar speed and recovery and strength (not sure if you are interested in getting very powerful) - 5 reps on 5/3/1 day.


Thanks for the response Jim. I’m just going for general awesomeness. At 49 with a business and a ten year old I don’t compete anymore (former Cat 2 bicycle racer) but I’m still extremely athletic and use 531 as my outlet. I’ll do the reset on everything but DL. I’m still getting at least 10, 8 or 6 reps and I’ve added in jokers when I feel great.