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Deciding Between Routines


Well here's the deal. My goal is to bulk up a little bit to about 210lbs. Right now I am about 196lbs with about 12-13%bf. 6ft tall. Im currently on week 7 of a 5day perweek routine. I am eating about 3500 calories, but have been feeling really tired as of late.

Overtraining? I am getting about 7-8hrs of sleep per nite. My gains havent really been the greatest. Therefore, I am thinking of switching up my routine starting this monday. I was either going to do a 4 day split or a 3 day split.

4 day:
db incline bench- 3 sets 10,8,6
Flat Bench- 4 sets 10, 8,8,6
DB Chest Flies-3 sets 10, 8,8
Decline bench-3 sets 10,8,6
Barbell Curls-3 sets 10,8,8
Zottoman Curls-3 sets 10,8,6

Squat-4 sets 10,10,8,8
Leg Ext-3 sets 10,10,8
Lunges-3 sets 10,10,10
Leg curls-3 sets 10,8,8
Calf raises-3 sets 20,20,20
Reverse crunches/Bicycles(superset) 20,20


Pullups- 3sets 10,10,10
Deadlifts 4 sets-10,8,8,6
Barbell bent rows-3 sets 10,8,8
cable pulls- 3 sets 10,10,10
Calf raises-3 sets 15, 15, 15
Hanging Knees/Bar twists(SS) 12,12

Shoulder press- 3 sets 10,8,8
Lat raises 3 sets 10,10,8
Shrugs-3 sets 12,12,10
Reverse flies- 2 sets 10,10
Skull crushers-3 sets 10,8,8
CG Bench- 3sets 10,8,6
Dips-2 sets 15,15

Not sure if I should move biceps with back and do that on thursday and legs on tuesday.


3day Split



I know there is a lot here, but just really trying to get some good opinions because I have realized that 5 day is a little bit too much for me right now.


Have you actually gained bodyweight over the past 7 weeks? How much?

Have you actually made any progress in your routine? How much?


I have gained about 2-4 lbs or so. My lifts have not really increased. I have just felt really tired, especially prior to lifting.


Everyone's different but that doesn't seem like an overly huge amount of volume. Maybe just bump the calories up a bit 300-500 and then see u feel in a week and go from there


If you were looking to build muscle 2-4lbs is what you should be gaining in 3-4 weeks, not 7; besides the fact that I can gain 5+lbs in a single day just through food and water weight so you may not have really gained anything... which is not surprising because your lifts haven't gone up apparently.

A 5 day split isn't "too much" unless you don't eat enough to support it which you clearly aren't doing. Changing your routine won't magically turn this all around, you simply need more protein and calories daily until you're gaining a measurable 3-5lbs of bodyweight a month.

Make sure that your lifting intensity stays up there, and that your lifts are all increasing 5-10lbs a month as well, and you'll be on track.


Alrighty. I am going to try and switch to a four day and give myself that extra day off, because I do run short on time occasionally. I will be sure to up my calories if I notice that I am beginning to feel run down. If I do not notice any gains with a 4 day split, maybe I will go back to 5 day and eat a lot more.


What's with all of these if's and maybe's?

Just up your calories now dude. The routine is not the solution. Do you think you're going to regret it once you start making progress?

As far as the routine actually goes, my advice would be to stick with the 4-way split, and simply get into the gym as often as you are able. If some weeks that is only 4 days that's fine, but if you have more time another week and you can go through all 4 training days, take a day off, and start the rotation over again then do it.

But trust me, you don't want to spin your wheels and lose another 7 weeks all because you couldn't accept the fact that you just need more food. Commit to it now.


I will go with the 4 day split and stuff my face with CLEAN foods and not look back then. I am ready for the 4 day split to start. Thanks man


Dude, I'm not advocating not striving for " " "clean" " " foods the majority of the time, but don't lose track of what's important (gaining weight, getting stronger, getting bigger) just because you have a phobia of eating dirty, whatever that means.

I read your posts and the first thing that came to mind (about the constantly tired/fatigued thing) is just not enough. I think we've all been through the days where we erred in that regard, don't be that guy.


I demand you live off of gyros and arab women while you follow this routine.


Are you implementing ANY sort of peri-workout nutrition?

If not, start there.....that's where you can load up on cals/carbs, pro, etc.

This will both fuel your workouts and increase recovery.

if you're not familiar with proper peri-workout nutrition....search the threads....there's tons of info about it