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Deciding Between 3 Biceps Exercises


Hi all, for biceps i do these exericses:
EZ bar curl
Incline offset curl
Pinwheel/reverse curl

now for the last exercise i am not sure which one of these to do as i don't have much experince with these and these seems to be unusual exercises,which one of these do you think is better, either drag curl or seated barbell curl(maybe done on incline for additional ROM) or this variant of standing concentration curl: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnP71S7GmbQ

Thx in advance




anyone else feel weird after watching the vid?


Is it just me or is that guy's biceps bigger than his triceps?




Guys,which one of these 3(drag curl or standing concentration curl or seated barbell curl)do you think is better?
Edit: Just did all 3,the drag curl doesn't to much for me so i will scrap that,but i am not sure which one to pick as a finnisher, seated ez bar curl or standing concentration curl


if your already doing - EZ bar curl
Incline offset curl
Pinwheel/reverse curl

I wouldn't bother doing anything else, thats more than enough. I have no idea what an incline offset curl is though.

The bicep is only a small muscle and doesn't require a multitude of different exercises. your better off doing a little more frequently than a lot less frequently.

I'd say my biceps/arms in general are pretty well developed and I don't think I've ever done more than 3 exercises a session.


same here, bro! especialy that last Freddie Mercuy gesture LOL


His arms are bigger than his legs...



Edit: that is, facepalmed at the little motivational speaks at the end of every video. The guy obviously works hard.


He has no erectors, too. Huge arms and great back, though.


Try both and see which one works the best for ya. How would anyone here be able to tell you.


scary vid


Is that a chick?


What I noticed was how skinny his forearms are in comparison to his upper arm.


Anybody else read the youtube comments? "Sexiest man alive," "superb physique" to name a few...lol.


Yeah, I thought this was gonna turn into a synthol-thread when I saw the vid.



Is that... Prince?


3 exercises in a session is plenty. I have about 6 exercises I cycle in and out over the year. If you feel like you need more work, do more sets.


Yeah i think it's plenty too but the reason i want to do 4 exercises is coz i want to do a total of 12 sets and i often after a period of time get bored if i do 3 exercises for 4 sets,i have noticed i train better when i do 4 exercises. Since it makes the training alot more fun and i change exericses which makes the training time feel that it goes faster.
If you guys would let's say like me have to incorporate one of these exercises (between the standing concentration curl and seated barbell curl(maybe on incline for more ROM)),which one would you pick?