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Decided to Do a Competition, Finally.


I am starting this thread because I have decided to compete in a powerlifting competition that will be in April of next year. A friend of mine heard about it and asked if I knew anything about powerlifting, I said sure, and she asked if I would train with her and do this competition. My friend (Stacy) is a certified fitness trainer, and is a crossfitter. It was funny at first that she asked me to train her, but it is working nicely so far. I do more heavy lifting and know more about the powerlifting style training than she. It is so far a little difficult for her to get out of the crossfit mindset.

So far we have just been going slow, starting with the big lifts and trying to work with heavy weights and low reps. After a couple weeks we are going to start the 5/3/1 program. I had her read about it and she is interested. I have never actually done the program myself so I am excited.

She will be keeping a very close log, and I'm going to encourage her to make an account and start one on here. She has already taken before pictures, weight, and measurements.
During this time I am hoping to build some serious muscle and gain a good deal of strength. I am nowhere near where i want to be.

I will post some starting weight and measurements for myself tonight or this weekend. Maybe pictures.

As far as rules, regulations and gear of powelifting, I am not very familiar. I have no idea what the rules of this meet will be, but I am hoping to find out some information soon.
I'm also not sure what I will be weighing in at or where I want to be weighing for the competition.

some stats:
23 years old
5 feet 7 inches tall
don't have an accurate scale, but morning weight is anywhere from 155-165lbs
serious years training: 2
have been slacking for the past year.
goals: add muscle mass and strength
competition goal: 150 bench, 215 squat, 325 DL
but really I will be proud of myself if I actually get up there and don't back out.

Stacy's stats:
33 years old
5 feet 6 inches tall
serious years training: i think 2 or 3 mostly crossfit

That's it for now.
my other log is old and dull and I think I am going to stick with this for now on.
Any advice from anyone? greatly appreciated.



Well I will quickly chime in.

For a first contest I would guess you are going to compete raw? I would definitely get yourself a belt and some knee sleeves though and maybe wrist wraps if you start having any discomfort. Order them soon cause they may take a while and you will want them in training.

As far as training, I would advocate lots of practice of the powerlifts! Get in the gym many times and do lots of training not to failure with that 70-85% range to practice, practice, practice! What weight class are you in? Those sound like some pretty solid numbers for a 23 year old female. Best of luck!


Good shit Melanie:

I actually used to lurk in your log when you had it, and you would wreck shit at a meet! I definitely recommend 5/3/1 for Powerlifting as your template especially when you have this much time before the meet. Lord Wendler basically illustrates what your progression and program would be as you draw closer to the meet. I have my first meet on 12/10 so I could definitely give you insight on how it is for a first timer...I would definitely print out the rules for your Fed and see what equipment is and isnt allowed.

I wouldn't worry about what weight class for your first meet..

Good Luck


x2 on both accounts. Also, read up on the commands, and practice them with you and your training partner.

You're going to love it!

Good luck!


x1000 on practicing commands!!! Too many beginners miss lifts for missing commands! No excuses to do so! Also you should film so you can check your form and make sure everything is up to snuff (especially squat depth).


hey Melanie, good to see you back and committed to a meet! I'll be following along.


Yes, I plan on competing raw, seeing as that is how I have always lifted. I plan on buying my own personal belt. i do use one sometimes, but I try not too. Also, I use writs wraps sometimes, but try not to all of the time. I have fantastic grip and forearm strength and I credit that to not using any aids.

The scale in the morning right now says 158. Not sure about weight class. I plan on gaining at least another 5-8 pounds by April, so we shall see.


Matty- My training partner and I both think that 5/3/1 should work very well for us. Starting in January, we will begin that. I am excited, I have never used it before. I called around and there is no set date, or fed, or place for the meet yet. I think I know which gym it will be at, but it's on post, so it wont be for another few months for the MWR to have everything completely planned out. I'm not too worried about the weight class. I know I'm strong, so Ill just lift like I know how to.
THanks for the support!


Lil power- thanks for your support!

To all: I know nothing about commands, so thank you for that advice, I will youtube some of that sort of thing and see what I can learn.

I'm not sure if I should move this thread to the Training Log section or not? MODS? how do I move a thread? Any ideas?

either way.

I have started really eating like I should, packing in the protein, lots of shakes and meat. Also started supplementing again.

Current supps:
pre workout: Jack3d by USP labs (have used this for a while now and I love it)
peri workout: SizeOn by Gaspari (it tastes good and I think it really helps fuel the muscles during the workout)
post workout: Dark Matter by MHP (I flip flop between this and Surge Recovery by Biotest)
A-Bomb by MHP (Anabolic support)
T-Bomb by MHP (pro-testosterone supprt)
I also use Whey, Casein, and Soy proteins by Optimum Nutrition.

The past few weeks I have been training really hard and strong. I have been doing all of the big compound lifts for most of my focus. I have thrown in one arm day every 2 weeks or so. I do pull ups, push ups, and dips everyday.
I can now do sets of 5 dead hang pull ups. I think it's badass.



Wow that is a lot of supplements.... All I take is old fashioned creatine monohydrate.... It is the only thing that has ever actually been proven to do anything for strength. I can't complain with using casien and whey too but certainly not a neccessity. The rest of them? You must spend 5000 a year on (likely useless) supplements!


I have to agree with you on the 'likely useless'
I go through periods where I don't use anything at all, just food and water, and then sometimes I use a whole bunch. I'm still not really sure if there is that noticeable of a difference?
But i do not spend that much money, really. because I can't afford it most of the time. so I might use supps for a month and then skip a month and then buy more for two months then skip a few months.
It's actually kind of a mind game for me.
if I spend the money on all the crap, then I want to use it, and get its worth, so it sort of mentally forces me to get to the gym and train hard and eat right and keep a routine. That may sound stupid....but its a motivation helpful thing for me.
Yesterday was shoulders. Chest today. Feeling lazy. Might sit inthe sauna for a while. Feeling way fat after two days of Thanksgiving.

_Cheers for now!





Did strict form dead hang pull ups +15 lbs today. sets of 2-3. Yeah. Win.
I will post workouts from the past two weeks soon. Sorry I'm so lazy.
Did a Crossfit WOD today called "Carnage".....and it was just that.

Currently sitting at 164-165 pounds.


Wraps are not straps. Wraps are for protecting your wrist - straps are what pussies use that can't hold on to the damn bar.

Don't worry about the weight class until you get closer to the meet, if you're a lb or so over a weight class maybe you could cut for the first meet but I wouldn't go out and make big cuts.


nice!! wt'd pullups!! geez..sigh!

oh yeah man, you can always water load/water deplete a good 8 to 10 pounds off the week before you compete. don't stress over that at all!


LM- Thanks, ha yes I agree. I have tiny ass weak wrists, and I need to protect them!
I am not stressing about the weight class. It's my first time, so we shall see!
Brute- thanks! lol I can gain weight pretty easy.

Todays Workout:
Warmup: Row 500m

Front Squat: 95x4...115x3...135x2...145x2...155x1
walking lunges: w/ 20lb DBs...up and down the crossfit area 4 times.
leg press: 4 sets. working up to 4 plates each side x 5
Smith machine calf raise: 95x8,8,8
pull ups:3,3
chin ups:3,3
push ups:10,12
one arm chins: 1,1
one arm pull ups: 1, 1

6 Dec
warm up: row 250, 20 GHD, 20 Back ext. X 2

CROSSFIT: 'Carnage'
with 90lbs BB....25:08

pull ups: 3,3, +10x3, +15x2,2
chin ups: 3, 3, +10x3, +15x2, 1




some old workouts:
rack pull(from top of knee cap): up to 315lbsx5
BB rows: up to 155x5
one arm BB row: up to 65x10
t bar row: up to 100x8
push ups: 10,10,10,10

DL up to 251x1
Kroc rows: 55x8...60x8...65x6...70x5
Rows: 100x10,10...110x10,10
V grip pull dn: 85x12...100x10...120x8...140x5

leg press
1 leg push
laying leg curl
push ups
pull ups
clam crunches

power clean: 5 sets working up to 115x3
OHP standing: 4 sets up to 110x3
db raises(front and side): 10lbx 10,10,10
db flyes: 15lbx15,13,8
cable x pulls: 10x10, 15x10, 20x8
rope cable forward raise: 10, 10, 10

incline bench: 5 sets up to 125x1,1
BB Floor press: 5 sets up to 115x3,3
T push ups w/ 5 lbs: 10, 10
bench dips: 12x3
pull ups:3
push ups: 10

29 Nov 2011
BB rows: 89x10,10...109x8,8..115x8,7..135x6,5
T bar row: 35x12...55x12...75x8...90x9...100x6
good mornings: 85x12...115x10...125x8...135x6
pull ups: 3
push ups: 10
push up rows: 25lbx10
rack pull: 135x12...225x8...245x8...275x5...285x3
one arm KB farmers walks w/ 53lb

Dec 2
Crossfit 'BEAR complex'
Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press
^ all in sequence without dropping bar.
7 times
rest in between rounds.
5 sets
increasing weight each time.
mine went 45lb, 67lb, 72lb, 77lb, 77lb
Floor press: 87x7...97x7...109x6...119x4
Incline press: 95x6...115x3


Dec 1
back squat: 5 sets working up to 175
BB lunges: 4 sets up to 125lb
laying leg curl: 3 sets up to 95lb
step ups: w/ 35lbx3 sets
leg press: 4 sets up to 3 plts each side.

Dec 3
BB Rows:67x20...89x15...115x12...133x6
SLDL: 133x12,10,10...155x10
Trap Bar DL: 133x5...155x5...177x4...199x3...213x3...225x3

All caught up!
Maybe I will even post some pics soon?
My partner and I are becoming quite the spectacle at the gym. It's semi-obnoxious.

I'm sorry that my logging style is sporatic and not very detailed.
But I'm pretty all over the place most of the time in most aspects of my life, sooooo that's what you get.



Back pic. from a few days ago. apparently I've forgotten how to flex properly.