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Decided to Cut

Ok guys I am 14(15 next month) and I am 90kgs with about 16-17% bf…
I want to be big,but as I was a fatty I have this fear of regression into a puny front-assed fucker…

Ok u know what made me think of cutting?
a bitch that sells in a shop and two other old-ugly-bitches that were buying a shirt…

I was standing there and they said ok I want a shirt but the guy is fatter then this dude here(the dude was me) they were talking with a low voice but i heard them I was like going to punch them but controled myself,WTF am I fat again>?

So I decided to cut,I just hope that I dont become so skinny that i’ll look like a stick
stats again
height 5’11’’
weight 90kg
bf 17%
squat 100-120 kg for 8 reps
bench 70 kg(yep I know i suck)
leg press (250 kg for 8 reps)
7 months ecxperience
standing military press 45-50 kgs for 8 reps
15.5 inch biceps

… i look bad in this one

What are you asking?

Since you’re 15 soon, just build strength, eat clean of course

Do you lift weight because you love the “sport” of it or you just want to look good naked? Any sports?

No sports…
I am a fiasco in sports …too brutal,
I live in southern Europe and soccer is the main sport,I suck so ,i do it because I wanna look good naked,… :slight_smile:

normally I want to be suuper strong but I have mainly aesthetical purposes

should i cut and if I cut will I look like a fuckin stick?

At your age, your best best it to gain as much size as you can.

Get to a good size for your height, maintain there for about 2-3months and THEN cut down (if you must)

I understand what your saying; but if you get pretty f*cking big and strong…that’s when you can butt in and say “actually i might look fat, but i can deadlift a house…what about you mate? Your a pussy? is that right? Interesting”

Or something like that.

Get muscle first (more muscle) and then cut; or youll be a fucking twig.

What you need to do is quit screwing around. Lift like you’re serious about it. You’re only benching 155 after 7 months?

And what’s with this bullshit 100-120kgs for 8 reps squat. Anywhere between 220 and 264 pounds? Bull. You don’t even lift serious enough to know how much you can lift.

Quit obsessing like a little girl and go lift something heavy. You have made no progress whatsoever since the middle of December.

Cutting won’t do anything for you. I agree with the previous posts. Train hard and eat like a beast and get big!! Then you can think about cutting…

my chest sux,I konw i know,I dont know why,i try and train it heavy and seriuosly
while my legs are my strong point…Its a genetrical thing,my dad has too suuper strong legs

Haven’t we been here before?

Yup, I’d recommend getting as much of muscle as you can, there’s time for looking good naked, and it’s in your early twenties imho the best :smiley:

Glad I’m still 19, I have time to make myself look good enough 'till I’m 22


One recommendation also: Don’t let yourself feel like crap just because someone said you look fat. You should be feeling proud that you’re doing everything you can about looking good (and healthy and strong), and in a few years you’ll be more than you ever dreamed :wink:

echelon yes we have
but today I had one of those phoneix moments
Chris described
I felt like fuckin shit
I felt like fuckin shiiit
man Am I offended
anyways thnx alot guys

Based on your pics, you’re not fat at all. You don’t have a six pack, but honestly unless you’re walking around without a shirt on there’s not much use in hawt abz.

Why don’t you worry about putting on enough muscle to wear your bf is insignifcant to the large amount of muscle you have.

Add some steady state cardio on off days. You’re young play wit some buddies. You’ll shed that fat easy as hell.

[quote]Carlitosway wrote:

Add some steady state cardio on off days. You’re young play wit some buddies. You’ll shed that fat easy as hell. [/quote]


I don’t know where you started from but you wont have to turn into a whaling fat arse to gain muscle. Yes I do believe it is true that you should have to gain some body fat, possibly lose visible abdominals in the process.

Hot abz are for people who have a good deal of lean mass (they don’t look like that all year round anyway) or for people with eating disorders.

You’re not fat, I wouldn’t worry about cutting back yet, but train to increase your strength and eat a clean diet. If you find you are gaining too much body fat (which I doubt will happen) with what you are eating, either do some cardio or eat less, but don’t eat so little that it effects your performance in lifting.

p.s Most people have NFI when it comes to what is fat and whats not.