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Decided to Clean Up My Diet

So I have a quick question about my diet. I finally decided to clean it up and I need to know if I am eating enough. I’m 6-3, 190. Im trying to lose a little fat around the belly so my abs show, while also putting on lbs of muscle. Im doing a starting strength type of program but without the shoulder presses because I have a shoulder that is getting surgery in September.

Morning 630am
2 cups of 2% milk.

Lunch 1130am
2 hamburger patties(where I work…)
1 cup 2% milk from work

Cottage Cheese
Protein Shake w/berries

Dinner 7pm
8 oz Chicken Breast
Cottage Cheese
2 cups of 2% Milk

Protein Shake w/berries

This all works out to 2600 calories, 90g of fat, 254g carbs, 227g of protein.

  1. Am I eating enough?
  2. Anything you would suggest changing?
  3. I was taking HOT-ROX to try to get some belly fat gone, is that a good idea?

from my reading… not enough calories, bring in some more healthy fats from nuts, oils, avocadoes etc, try searching on here for calorie needs on a diet and adjust accordingly.

i heard HOT-ROX is good, whats your training like?

IMO i think it wouldnt be a bad idea to use Berardi’s massive eating diet, with that your fat would go down as a result of just correct clean eating, train full body and do some HIIT 2-3 times a week, cos at your weight… like me you prob cant afford to diet just yet.

besides dieting now will make you super skinny at 6-3 and knowing you wont progress during therapy after your surgery, so eat and get lean and big :wink:

Not bad, you need more total intake possibly. Id add protein in the morning of some sort on top of you milk thats not enough, you also have a near complete lack of veggies and fruit, eat some, add some more fats, olive oil and a fish oil/efa supplement, nuts maybe a few eggs