Decided for 2 wk Cycle Instead of 8

Initially I wanted to do an 8 week cycle had VT help me design the cycle but now after much consideration I have opted to go for the 2on 4off cycles. Probably run 3-4 back to back. My goal is to retain 16lbs after 3-4 of these.

Since this is my first ever cycle it will also give me an idea how I respond.

Here is the proposed layout

Day 1 - 300mg front load Test Prop ( 3 seperate injections each 1ml) + 2.5mg Letro
Day 2-12 100mg Test Prop ED with 1mg Letro
Day 1-14 50mg Dianabol
Day 15 - 60mg Nolva
Day 16-21 30mg Nolva
Day 22-35 20mg Nolva
Day 36-42 10mg Nolva

I also have some Andriol (undestor) I was thinking of taking 200mg on days 15-22 basically the 1st week into PCT. This will help a little with testosterone levels before week 2 of PCT where endogenous levels should start to rise slowly. As I understand Andriol has no effect on the HPTA so it should be good to go in PCT

I plan to run the same cycle as above 3-4 times back to back right after PCT ends.

Now should I leave out the D-Bol on the first cycle? Will the PROP be enough to get the job done or really should I use the D-Bol to make the most of the 2 weeker?

I recently did a 2 month course of Clomid at 25mg daily and had huge issues with E2. Testosterone went through the roof but so did E2! So I really need to keep on top of the E2 hence the 1mg Letro or maybe I should consider taking more? The last thing I want is to worry about gyno.

Should I stick with Letro or can I substitute it with Aromasin instead (have higher cholesterol levels and Aromasin apparently helps) which is less potent so maybe need more mg? Maybe something like 25mg or 50mg daily of Aromasin?

My only other question is should I continue with the AI further into PCT or not?

35years old 203lbs 6ft been training for 10 years. If after 3-4 of these cycles I have managed to keep 16lbs I would be wrapped. Plan to train each muscle 2x per week. Currently training each muscle 1x per week but with a cycle I will definitely get away with more.

25 mg of Aromasin/day would absolutely wreck you. I don’t think you need to go anywhere close to that high. 25 mg/day tops or even 25 mg EOD. I have no clue what an equivalent of Letro is. I need to read more about that.

I did some math on your cycle with my handy half life calculator, and note that at 700 mg/week of Test Prop your blood levels are actually only maintaining about 350 mg of the compound through the cycle (after you get it up to 350, which should be done with the first shot). Compared to a standard “beginner” cycle of 500 mg/week of Test E/C, which maintains blood values around 850 mg.

Now before that idiot that was posting the other day about half lives jumps in, yes this is based on a decay constant and not modeled using biological half lives, but that’s mostly just because I have no idea how to go about approaching that. So unless anyone has any objections, that’s the model I’ve used for this.

To get your blood levels at the 805 mg level would require a front load of 850 and a daily dose of 250 mg (nearly 2 g/week!).

The question that must be asked then is “is 2 weeks of Test Prop at 2g/week the equivalent of 12 weeks of Test E at 500 mg/week”. From everything I’ve read on two weekers, this seems to be the case. Bill Roberts has a thread on Meso where he addresses this and recommends a very high dose to make the 2 weeker feasible.

Not sure if this helps or just makes things more confusing, but I’d like to hear others’ thoughts.

Thanks for dropping in. Damn 850mg front load I can’t imagine doing 8.5ml in 1 day.

Note taken on the Adex just wanted to play it safe and rather go higher but if eod will be fine will role with that or maybe do 12.5mg daily.

Now onto Bill’s 2 weekers been reading about them as much as possible. From my understanding Bill recommends 1g a week total or more on these cycles. So I figure 700mg test prop + 350mg d-bol is 1050mg for the week so I thought that would do it.

I guess the other concern is, would 4 weeks off be a long enough break from D-Bol as far as the liver is concerned?

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
25 mg of Aromasin/day would absolutely wreck you.

This should have said 50 mg/day. Dunno where my brain fart happened.

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
25 mg of Aromasin/day would absolutely wreck you.

This should have said 50 mg/day. Dunno where my brain fart happened.[/quote]

No worries man.