Decided Against B&C, Want the Best PCT Advice

I have about 3 weeks left in my 16 week cycle. Basically just test @200-300/week, masteron around 500mg, NPP for 6 weeks in the middle, proviron at 25/day pre-workout, and I’m kicking with anavar which will be done soon. I stopped using long esters a few weeks ago so I’ll be ready to PCT asap once this is over. On hand I have

10,000 IU Bayer HCG
EC Clomid 50 tabs 50mg
Mamofen-20 (Nolvadex)
Bac water for the HCG (I’ve never mixed or dosed before so that’s also something I need)

My plan is to hit the HCG right before the cycles over and carry it through my SERM use because from what I’ve heard there will be no suppresion issues from HCG while the serms are being used. Considering the length of the cycle I plan on extending the PCT longer than normal. Maybe 5 weeks?

Last two weeks of cycle 500iu m/w/f
first 3 weeks of pct 1000 iu m/w/f
PCT weeks 1-2 50mg clomid ed
PCT weeks 1-2 40mg nolvadex ed
pct weeks 3-5 25mg clomid ed
pct weeks 3-5 20mg nolvadex ed
Adex 1 pill e3d?

Then comes my questions about briding. I don’t like the data I’ve seen on SARMS b/c of health risks so I’m wondering what any of you vets do to continue to grow off cycle at a more than natural rate. The reason I’m not blasting and cruising is because I think it helps keep the receptors in better shape and also I want to have kids in the next couple years so better safe than sorry. Thanks in advance for all advice. I’ll have to post pictures for you guys as well I came on to this cycle off an injury and no substance whatsoever for about a year. I was in a calorie deficit the entire time, lots of cardio, carb cycling, counted every single P/C/F and actually gained about a pound overall with my bench/squat/deadlift going up and getting much bigger I’m down into the single digit bodyfats and gained weight to get here from 15% bodyfat. Awesome cycle for anyone as long as the diets right.

HCG should be used during the whole cycle and finished just before a SERM only PCT.

Using one SERM at a high dose, combining 2 or more SERMs or using a SERM and HCG for PCT has been shown to be counter productive.

Instead HCG should be used @ 250iu 3x per week on cycle with Adex between 0.25-1mg eod depending on Test dosing.

The PCT plan, in most mild 10-14 week cycle cases, should consist of Nolvadex @ 20mg ed for 8 weeks or Clomid @ 25mg ed.

I am not to sure if starting HCG at 250iu 3x per week now until PCT would be more beneficial than a slightly higher dose or none at all so hopefully someone else can chime in on what to do now…

For now though I would consider starting HCG at the suggested dosing.

I have suggested a formula for mixing HCG a few times recently so a quick search should bring that to light for you.

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peptides and GH are really your only options. SARMS really just don’t do enough if you’re at a relatively high level. Unless you’re running GH, I wouldn’t expect to grow while off cycle. Best you can realistically hope for is to simply maintain, and even that’s very difficult. My personal approach is just to make sure I start each cycle at a better place than I started the previous cycle.

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you’re always going to lose a little when you come off, but there should still be a significant net gain.

I dunno, I’ve always thought the whole “losing gains” thing was overblown, but maybe I just have good genetics for it. I don’t gain as much on cycle as most other people do, but I definitely seem to keep like 90% of what I do so I guess it balances out.

MK677 is probably as good a way as any to minimise your losses.

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also increasing calories during PCT is probably a good idea

I’ve been off cycle for around 6 months and still maintaining the 10lbs I gained. Now I’m doing ICF 5X5 like a true natty should.

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