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Decent Weight for Reverse-Hypers?


I'm 33yo, 5'10", 190#, 12%bf, and can back squat to an olympic depth with 300# (no belts, suits, wraps, or spotters). Any idea what a corresponding Reverse-Hyper performance should be? I'm using the kind with the leg strap (not the roller pads).



Its hard to predict one exercise based on another. Nearly impossible actually. But i olympic squated 365 when i weighed 170 and i could use 6 plates on a homemade reverse hyper.


The weight you use should mirror why you are using the rev. hyper.

If it's for a rehab/prehab purpuse, more weight with a less strict swing will be needed to pull traction.

If you want to include the machine as a way to get stronger, less weight and a very strict swing would be necessary.


It's for getting stronger... On saturday I alternated sets of clean pulls (sets of 3) with reverse hypers (sets of 8).

I did 35# x 3 sets x 8 reps... legs made it to parallel without excessive lower back arch... evil goddam exercise.


Less strict form for rehab/prehab?
Why? Normally it's the oter way round oO


I wouldn't alternate reverse hypers with clean pulls, the hypers will fatigue your lower back and you'll get less explosion out of your pulls.

And also less strict of a swing because you bascially just let the machine swing you so it opens up your lower back to get fluid to flow into your disks for regeneration.


My old gym had a reverse hyper...man that was a good machine. Also, it didn't wear me down as much as deads, slds..


I use it with light weights after heavy squatting for a nice finisher and to relieve the pressure on my back- for this, I might use 90-140 for sets of 10-12. These seem to help me recover from squats faster. I will also go heavy on reversehypers sometimes- say 270-360 for sets of 5. The heavy sets involve more swing and momentum and stretch my back out real good- these leave me pretty sore.


There are a few ways to do reverse hypers:

You can try to do them strictly, with controlled lowering. The weight here will be low. This method might reflect your natural tendencies towards weight lifting; lifting the weight to the mid point, controlling the descent, and pausing at the starting point. This is an acceptable method but not the most common with the reverse hyper.

The more common way of doing reverse hypers is with a swing. The swing will increase the range of motion a lot, the weight is also much higher. Most of the work is done reversing the swing and locking it out. The impulse applied here is much greater than the first method.

You also have the choice of short strap and long strap. I would use the first method with the long strap and the 2nd method with the short strap but you can experiment with other combinations.


Rock on. I'll swap the strap and do more explosive RH's after my clean pulls.

Thx, Guys.