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Decent Total but Low Free T. Low Enough to Try TRT?


Recently got back my results and am starting to learn about trt. I’m 36. Decent build, have some energy and some libido but not as much as previously. Motivation is okay but lags sometime.
I’m having a kid in 6 months or so, and that may be the only one.

Total Testosterone: 570 ng/dl (260-916)

Free Testosterone: 7.5 pg/ml (8.75 - 25.1)

Bioavailable Test: 194 ng/dl

Shbg: 65 nmol/L

How do these numbers look? When is the tradeoff between total and free enough that I bite the bullet and go on trt.

I would be on nebido btw and would likely inject every month or so.

Your free T isn’t just low, its below range and is the portion of testosterone that circulating in the blood, Total T is bound to SHBG and not bioavailable.

The nebido is not a good choice, is has a slow esters and will not work for a lot of guys who receptors metabolize testosterone quickly.

Another thing about nebido, it likely wont be enough to overcome your high SHBG, free T may always be suboptimal. Do to high SHBG, you will need supraphysiological levels of testosterone to ever have enough free T.

You won’t find anyone here on nebido as it takes a long time for it to start working. You need enanthate or sustanon. Large infrequent injections is a ticket to hormonal hell, it’s why most inject T two or more times per week.

I inject 23mg every 2 days or quality of life is low. I didn’t get to decide how often I’d like to inject, my biology chose for me.

A once monthly protocol is a wet dream.

I was on trt before for a year and felt okay with 100 mg every 5 days. I came off so the wife and I could have kids. Sperm came back in 2 month without a problem.

So, systemlord, you do every 2, is that of enanthate?

I understand what you mean about the swings - I have friends that started trt with cyp/enanth. every 2 weeks and it was hell. but you think there’s a big difference dosing undecanoate at 1/3rd of the stated half-life vs cyp/enant at 1/3rd of theirs?

If you see the nebido material online three is clearly a swing (“on average” <-- could be a time bomb in here) but it isn’t usually till right before the shots - plus they dose 100 mg/week and I would likely stay with something similar to 140 cyp adjusted to the higher undecanoate ester weight, which works out to be 150 mg/week nebido.

I could just mix the undecanoate with a shorter ester to front-load no?

thanks for your response.

I used cypionate which is the number 1 choice, enanthate cause me extreme bloating and levels levels compared to cypionate. Nebido on average barely gets men to high normal levels, as low as your Free T is and the fact that you’ll need a whole lot of androgen to suppress SHBG, I expect you to have a difficult time getting Free T to high normal which is where it should be.

Beware state healthcare doctors do not optimise you, they get you in the normal range and cut you lose and don’t want to hear from you until your next blood draw. They take a hands off approach like they are disinterested. There are private clinics who actually care about the patient, balance my hormones is in Dorset, a telemedicine clinic.

These every 2 week protocols are horrible, a clinical study that came out in 2005 shows poor results in all men, yet doctors heads are still buried in the sand.

Hormone profiles after intramuscular injection of 200mg testosterone enanthate every 2 weeks in patients with hypogonadism

Not a good idea, this could lead to chaos. You’ll still be waiting for the undecanoate ester to kick in.