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Decent Strength Program?


Are there any strength programs out there that arent overly complicated? Im looking for something pretty straight forward that doesnt involve things with chains or crazy extensive warmups or complexes. Something simple.

Help me out fellow T-Nationers!




Check out the workouts in 'Are you a beginner 2' in the Beginners section.

I've done both Total Body Training and Anti Body Build Hypertrophy. Both are straight forward and don't take a huge amount of time in the gym.


Sure, 5x5.


Pavel's 3-5

3-5 big movements
3-5 sets
3-5 reps
3-5 minutes of rest in between sets
3-5 days of rest between workouts.

If this is too complicated for you, please turn in your driver's lisence and do not operate any heavy machinery.