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Decent results with above 100 carbs?

Hi all, i’m wondering if many of you have decent fat reduction with above 100 carbs per day.

I’m 215 with around 14% bf, have a typical metabolism and have gone all the way on diets from below 20 carbs on up to way overload (like back when i was 25% bf and 230).

I’ve always had pudge in the midsection, and still do at my current level.

My problem with going lower carb and/or swings in carbs day to day is headaches. I seem to get some nasty headaches when I change my carb count drastically (say from 100 to 20 or from 200 to 100).
So, currently I tend to eat a rather balanced 3000 calories of 280+ protein, <220 carb and ~80 fat. Problem is I don’t seem to lose any bf at this level, although of course i’m doing ok on the bodymass part, maybe gaining really slowly but surely not losing.

Another ancillary question on this would be the fat issue. I’m trying to make my meals be the p+c and p+f types, but find it highly difficult to get many p+f meals in.
What do you guys eat for the fat meals?


JB’s Don’t Diet.

I think P+F meals should be easier. If you ever need extra fat just add some olive oil to whatever your cooking! For example, if making a chicken breast dish, it will be low in fat unless u add things like cheese, oil, etc. Beef naturally has enough fat so you don’t have to worry there. Same with eggs, cheese, mixed nuts, etc.

You just sound like a typical carboholic t o me. PF meals are far superior to PC meals, because I said so. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I experienced the same thing when I started doing low carb, I would sugest you just go with it, slowly taper down carbs until you’re where you want to be. You should avoid any serious headaches this way.

Now, I can eat 0 carbs for weeks and feel just fine. Your metabolism will thank you; the whole point is to become more adjusted to burning fat right? Well the adjustment process takes time and willpower… or you could just pussy out and go back to eating your candy bars and potatoes. :slight_smile:

220 g of carbs is probably a little on the high side for fat loss.

P+F meals are soooo easy.

-Salad (all water anyhow), can of tuna, 2 Tbsp flax oil.

-Low carb Protein shake + 2 Tbsp flax oil

-meat (beef, chicken, turkey etc) and dark green veggies

-meat and avocados

-jerky and healthy nuts (walnuts, almonds, etc)

-Cottage cheese, Peanut butter, flax oil in a blender with water/ice for consitency.

Where do you guys buy decent flax oil?

Can you find it in supermarkets or do you mail order or health food stores?

Potatos and candy bars…lolol

Actually for the most part my carbs consist of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, pea pods, green beans, peppers, various green leaves, strawberry, orange, grapefruit, grapes, oatmeal, yogurt, cucumber, banana, apple, pineapple, melons and some other stuff i dont get every other day.

Another question i would have is what success do you guys find with staying below 10% without staying small? Once you get down there do you manage to add lean mass without bumping back into the teens?


Just buy whole flax seeds at the supermarket and grind whatever you need in a coffee grinder. It’s a whole lot cheaper than buying flax oil, and you don’t have the storage issues.

It has been my experience that the tough part is getting there but once you are at 8-9% it isn’t nearly as hard to maintain. It takes months with very little cheating, but once I am there I can have a few cheat meals a week and maintain my shape fairly easily.

There have been times when I am overseas for a couple of weeks and my diet and training go right out the window. Even though I put on some lbs., when I get back home to my routine I am back to my pre-trip form in ~4days. Yet it seems that getting to that next level that is tough. Anyone else had this experience?