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Decent Protein Pancakes?!

I know everyone has seen countless threads, articles, FB posts, even those great spam-e-mails you get because you unknowingly signed up to a fitness website touting the best recipe for Protein “pancakes”. I have too, and to be honest, while some are okay in terms of being ‘protein somethings’, others are just horrible. Let’s face it, none really taste very much like pancakes, and as a huge fan of pancakes, I’ve taken to just ignoring whenever someone spouts off about their latest great recipe.

Recently, I found a pancake powder that is actually comparable in macros to 1/2 cup of oatmeal, albeit with more protein, and a much much better taste. Additionally, they really do taste like pancakes, so coupled with some sugar free syrup, and a shake or omelet and I’m a very happy boy.

The product is called Flap Jacked (Jacked! get it?! -lol), and let me say that I’ve become a huge fan of the Banana Hazelnut variety. In comparison to the more high profile Met-rx Pancake mix, the profile should speak for itself.

_______FlapJacked / Metrx
Cals 200 / 200
Prot 17 / 12
Carbs 27 / 31
Fiber 6 / 3
Makes 3 pancakes 3 pancakes

For the record, I have no connection to this at all, it’s just rare that I find a product that I’m a big fan of. Also, with my sister in law and wife always trying to concoct some way to work Metabolic Drive into every recipe (which I certainly don’t mind!), it’s nice to sometimes have a sense of normalcy in my usual-meat-head lifestyle :slight_smile:


Did you say banana HAZLeNUT stuart?


[quote]SickSex6 wrote:
Did you say banana HAZLeNUT stuart?


I know, right!? I originally ordered one small size of each flavor, but quickly decided that this one is getting reordered with the largest available :slight_smile:


Thanks for this Stu.I’m all over it ha.

Thanks Stu, I’ll have to check that out

It really is just simple things that can make staying ‘somewhat’ clean easier. I actually just finished up breakfast with the wife; Flap Jacked pancakes with sf syrup, egg white omelets with turkey bacon, peppers and onions, and shredded ‘mexican’ cheese, and some fresh ground Kona coffee with sf french vanilla creamer. Got my protein fix, plenty of quality carbs, some veggies, a little caffeine, and I’m ready to take on the day!


You can make your own for egg whites, cooked sweet potatoe, and vanilla whey blended together. Cheap, high protein, delcious

The owners last name is Bacon :slight_smile:

Interesting product. I make the same thing at home…