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Decent Protein Bar?


I'm a big fan of high protein, low carb dieting, but my job doesn't always permit me to eat a meal sitting down. I usually have a RTD protein shake and was wondering if there was a bar out there with high protein, low carbs and no sugar alcohols as they kill my stomach. Most of what I've tried and seen is nothing more than a candy bar.
Anyone know of a decent protein bar without all of the sugar(alcohols)and carbs?


I don't know, all I know is the Biotest ones are dang tasty. two of them + a Spike was my standard breakfast for a while.


I think Quest bars might fit your requirements. THey were giving out sample bars on their website a few weeks ago. If they're still doing it you could try some out for free


They sell two kinds of protein bars right here (on this very site!) and its top-quality ingredients in both.

As for taste, well, its way too easy to go thru an entire box of any of them much much faster than originally planned....


all bars will have sugar alcohols and/or high in carbs, other wise they would turn into goo.

That being said, I like Metabolic Drive bars on here, but they taste so good I end up eating 2 at a time, and then go through several boxes quickly.

there are other ones on the market sold at grocery stores that I will get at times if I'll be traveling unexpectedly and haven't had a chance to buy online fast enough


Do you have access to a fridge/freezer to store them?

Not exactly the most portable, but what I do is mix chocolate whey, natty PB, flax seed and just enough water to make a thick paste. I then freeze the mixture and it forms sort of a frozen candy bar like product.

It melts but if you can store them in the fridge while at work it should be fine.

It's my favourite pre-bed snack


Those look good, but all the fiber makes me want to take a dump just thinking about it, lol


Has anyone tried HPLC bars in Australia?
I assume you can only buy them in Aus as they are made by 'Ausbodies'.
They claim to have 45g of carbs.

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Have you tried alka seltzer?


The Quest bars look good, I may have to try them out. Their ingredient list is nice and clean. Just isolate proteins and no sugar alcohols. Can anyone vouch for taste?


yeah, I think that happens when I eat those atkins bars, makes me feel like my stomach's going to explode within 20 minutes of eating it.


I've tried both flavors (I just finished both boxes - I liked the pb flavor the best) and they taste similar to the homemade ones I've made with protein powder, ground flax, and peanut butter. They don't taste like a candy bar but they are way more conveint than making them at home (way less messy too). At like $2 a bar they aren't cheap though.


I've never tasted a better one than the Lean Bodies cookie flavor that you can heat up in the microwave. It's also almost 500 calories.


From the one's I've tasted.............TRI-O-PLEX


I occasionally eat them. You mean 45g of protein, btw.


that doesn't sound lean at all.


It doesn't sound like a weight gainer bar by any means, it's all in perspective. MOST people can stay lean eating ~2,500 calories a day, therefor it could easily be used as a snack.


I don't know if they're quality or not, but the Big 100 (or 300, don't know,) taste delicious and have a decent macro profile.


I picked up a couple Detour bars, as I had always heard they tasted the best on the market.

They didn't. Edible, but nothing I'd ever seek out again.


They generally have primarily soy as their protein source...