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Decent Program Outline

Monday:Front Squats 5x5, calf raise, dumbbell bench, lunges, face pulls, abs
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday:Deadlift 5x5 225, weighted pull ups 5x5, single leg press, abs
Thursday: Bench press 5x3x1, bis, seated military, face pulls
Friday: Back Squat 3x6 235 , back extensions, lunges, pussy fuckers, abs
Saturday:Pendley rows 5x3x1, weighted pull ups, close grip bench, bench dips
Sunday: Sumo Deadlift 3x6 265 military press 5x3x1, side raises, pussy fuckers

First deployment. The gym is for real the only thing keeping me from becoming a alcoholic. We do morning PT’s every mon-thurs so that’ll be my cardio. goal is to get my strength up and get my ass in the gym as much as possible. i’ll go up every week 5 pounds on main lifts. plan on doing thing for 12-16 weeks. What do you guys think?

Do a full body 3 days a week template from well known coaches and profit. Don’t fuck with the program until you’ve ran it a minimum of 6 months. Good luck

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What are ur goals OP? I’ve seen worse programs but I’m not sure how long you will be able to keep Deadlifting 2x a week, especially if u want to increase both of the in weight

Jeez dude bit aggressive? He said he wants to get into the gym as much as possible, I doubt he will cut that time in half.

I do Full body 3 times a week, dead twice and mine constantly moves up. Jus sayin

Also, sometimes you have to be. He said the gym helps him not be an alcoholic. Sounds more to me like he should focus on getting stronger by going 3-4 times a week and get help with his alcoholism the other days. Just because drinking is worse than the gym does not mean that swapping one addiction for another is healthy. Sorry if I offended you, but not really sorry.

That’s about the only way most people can deal with addictions, habits or routines. IMO the best way to become a better person is to swap crap habits for good ones, I honestly don’t know of any other way to do it.

Sure the OP could work out 3-4 times a week and probably get better results, using his other ‘free’ days to meal prep, find a sport, socialise in a non boozy way, etc… but if gym is what is helping the cravings than I’d say stick with it until he is more comfortable and confident in saying no to grog.

Nah dude, takes a lot more than that haha

i could do a lot of stuff but the gym is the way to go. I could careless what works for you honestly man. I just wanted feedback on this template, not what works for you. If i wanted to hit the gym 4 times a week i would run Wendler.

You have a good point… My lower back used to be extremely weak but i am noticing a lot of a difference with deadlifting beltless and hitting the weights a lot. My goal would be to add 50 pounds to my deadlift and squat and 20 to my bench.

Then you probably shouldn’t post on a forum and should probably go to an AA meeting. Also, it is care less not careless. As in don’t be careless and post careless when you really mean you could not care less.

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You’re a father but being so immature… Come on man. Also you ever been deployed? sometimes you don’t have much options besides lifting or drinking after a long ass work day. I posted on here because i wanted someone who knows there shit to tell me if my program lifting 6 days a week will work.

First off thats my niece. I’m 23 years old and married, but no kid yet. I’m not being immature but honest. To me, saying you lift to not drink is absurd to me. My dad is an alcoholic. His dads dad was one and died of liver disease. A lot of my friends have died from alcohol abuse. If you are a literal alcoholic and use training to not drink, what will happen to you if the gym closes where you’re based because of a storm or something? You’ll go back to drinking. Its a shit cycle man. Seriously. I don’t like your program. I just don’t. I seriously think (if you are an alcoholic) you should lift 3-4 days a week and get strong af and do other things to occupy your time. If you literally want to waste time and just go to the gym to go, do it. My two cents even though you could “careless.”

Why don’t we just go to therapy together after i get back to the states and we can pull through this together? I’m here for you man, but i’m going to disregard your opinion and see how this goes. it may be “care less” of me but oh well

Today i felt tight as fuck and weak from PT yesterday and hitting a beltless max deadlifting on wednesday . Got 235 3x6 beltless though with no problem back squat. did 4 sets of 10 for back ext, 4 sets 10 lunges each legs, 4 sets of 40 pounds hip thrusts, and 4 sets of 10 + 20 pounds hanging knee raises

If you want 6 days a week, how about PPL twice a week?

Or separate your main lift from assistance and spread each day over two days.

Main lift and big supplemental lift on one day
Isolation lifts the next day

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It’s actually “I could not care less”. Like, I can not care any less than I do now. Saying I could care less is an odd statement. Imagine telling your wife/gf “I could love you more”, instead of “I could not love you more”.

$0.02, but what do I care? I couldn’t care less, either way.


This will get the best for results for high frequency…

This high frequency also, forget the title -great template for guys and girls and has loads of hip thrusts…

the second looks bad ass and something i would like to try… I’m going to run my own and if i see no benefits, i will give this a try, appreciate it

If i wanted a english lesson i would of payed more attention in high school. plus if i wanted trolls commenting on my shit just to correct me i would of went to bodybuilding.com forums. Come on dudes you guys are immature as fuck, i hope correcting me gets your tiny peckers nice and hard

Pendley rows 165x12 with belt
Weighted pulls +20 x6
+25 x5
+30 x5
+35 x5
+35 x5
Close grip bench 95 x6
135 x5
175 x5
185 x 5
bench dips +45 x10
+90 x10
+115 x10
+115 x10

Could you not try a proven program that you enjoy instead of doing your own which will be most likely not as beneficial to you.
If you start a thread and don’t listen to anybody what is the point of starting a thread?

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You have a whole lot of upper body pushing in there with very little time for recovery.

I’d consolidate those into one day, upper pulling into another day, and have them spaced so that the muscle groups can be ready for next time.

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