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Decent Gyms Near Brooklyn for < $100/Month?


doesn't have to be anything special. just someplace better than Planet Fatness. my brother lives in the area and PF was the best he could do without having to take the subway for half an hour. he has a training age < 1 year, he isn't looking for a world record squat or anything but I finally managed to convince him that any place that won't let you use chalk or grunt just a little bit isn't worth your monthly due.


Holy crap, is that how much a membership costs for a good gym in NYC?



i think that's how much he said NYSC is. I go to LA Fitness for $37/month but there are none of those until you get to Staten Island.


Pretty much. I pay around $80 a month w/ NYSC for a membership that allows me to use any of their gyms throughout the burroughs, which is important to me. But you can get a membership in some places for $19 a month, like at Dolphin fitness.

You could also get a membership at any rec center. That's $50 a year ($75 if you want to use the pool) and you can go to any rec center throughout the city.

I use chalk at my gym and it hasn't been a problem. Problem is octagonal plates, but at least I get cages.

Platforms are hard to find in the city, but there are a couple of places in and about.

Theres a Golds gym by Jay street. They should be well-equipped.

If you give me more info on where your bro wants to train, I could help better.


Yeah commercial gyms in NYC are crazy expensive I used to belong to the equinox on Court St and it was at the 140 a month, those fluffy towels, eucalyptus infused steam rooms and all the disposable razors you need sucked me in!

There was a golds at livingtson street a while ago, not sure if its still there.

My main gym is the LA fitness in SI , and its not bad...2 squat racks and a power rack plus DBs up to 125, again not bad for a commercial gym.


^ya I'm gonna have to start doing Kroc rows at mine eventually...

I've been to a LAF in Secaucus and they had octagonal plates. total pita to deadlift with.

Mascherano - he lives in Prospect Park, right across from it. so someplace within walking distance of the subway.


Equinox?! That's pretty fancy, Matty!

Yep. This is the Golds I was talking about. Its still there.

Ok, cool. Well if he's in PP, he's got a NYSC and the YMCA both 9th st (across from each other). I've been to that NYSC, its alright. They don't have a cage though. Haven't been to that Y in ages, but its got a pool and the membership there is like, $50.

Then I know there's Harbor Fitness around those parts. That place is probably unnecessarily expensive, so i'd skip it.

The 5t ave gym, which was an old school basement gym apparently closed - but that place was pretty cheap...

Hm. That's all I can think of in that area...I'm sure if he wanders a little further down past sunset park he can find something cheaper.

I hope this helps!


ok thanks I'll send him the link